M39 to M42 to EOS-- possible?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by andrew_c|2, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I don't know too much about stacking adapters-- is this going to cause
    a problem because the lens is going farther and farther from the (in
    my case) sensor?

    I would like to use M39 lenses by way of an M39 to M42 adapter, which
    I would stack onto my M42 to EOS adapter. Hopefully, the Digital
    Rebel could use some of that good ol' [cheap!] M39 glass.

  2. No,it will work perfectly.

    <P>Use the camera in Av mode for semi auto metering-even the flash works properly!
    <br>All you have to do is focus and choose an aperture setting
  3. Will you have infinity focus with the leica glass on your eos? Please post your results as I am curious whether this turns out to be a macro option only.

  4. Hi, for lindy
    these adapters are supposed to give infinity , not cheap but the glass isn`t either


  5. I don't know anything (other than at second- or third-hand) about EOS,
    but I do know a little about 39mm and 42mm. So the first question: what
    is this good ol' 39mm stuff intended for? A Leica/Zorki/Fed, or a Zenit? If
    the former, forget about it. If the latter, yes, you can get a little
    39mm-to-42mm adapter ring; and with this adapter ring, your
    lenses-for-Zenit will behave like M42 lenses.
  6. Sorry,let me add abit.
    <BR>I know for certain that M42 lenses work perfectly on a Digital rebel (or any EOS for that matter) with a simple EOS-M42 adapter
    <BR>However i was assuming that the M42-M39 adapter was a correct one.Just be sure that any such adapter still allows infinity focus and *doesn't use glass lenses*.Using glass refocus adapters is a sure road to dissapointment.
  7. There seems to be confusion over what I was posting.

    I already have an M42 to EOS adapter; my question was, would an M39 to M42 adapter on top of it allow full use of M39 lenses on the EOS? The first poster seemed to answer my question; but I'm still not sure as to whether or not infinity focus is lost.

    Take care,
  8. By the way,

    This M39-M42 adapter would not have glass elements, so it looks like infinity might be lost...
  9. Unlike M42 which is mostly in SLR. There are number of camera formats uses the M39 mounts.
    In short

    M39 lens for range finder camera (e.g.: Canon own range finder) will not work for you. It will be like having a 15mm extension tube attached to your camera. You can do macro photo but not much else. (Hey, free extension built-in :)

    M39 lens for SLR (e.g.: Zenith brand)
    Those should work and allow infinity focus as well.
  10. I always thought that an "M39" lens is by defition designed for SLR use (Zenit-1 & Zenit-C used this lens format).

    On the other hand "L39" (aka LTM), is for rangefinders.

    The mount is essentially the same, but of course the optics are different.

    I use M42 lenses on my EOS (D60) quite happily, and see no reason why an M39 lens with an M42 adapter wouldn't marry up with the M42->EOS adapter.

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