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  1. In response to another thread, I found out that there is now a Kodak M35.

    This seems to be a new bottom of the line model, with features that they
    compare directly to disposable cameras. That is, disposable quality
    in a non-disposable camera. (Fixed focus, switchable flash, manual wind.)

    Oh well.
  2. Huh. Might be just the camera to ween my daughter off of disposables.

    Camera Specs

    Shutter speed is 1/120 with an F10 lens. Takes 200 or 400 speed film. Not exactly killer specs and at $30 to $40 I'm not sure it's worth it considering you have to buy film on top of it. You can get a couple of disposable cameras with film for under $30.

    Looks familiar, you get film with Ilford's version though.

    I love the warranty: '2 rolls of film'

    Still, any increase in the production of film cameras is a good thing.
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    The warranty makes me smile, and the film is sort of named after me. What more can you ask for? Kent likes this sense of wit from Ilford/Harman. And loves their film.

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