M3 Rangefinder repair misinformation ?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by subhash_tiwari, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. I had posted a question yesterday about fixing the rangefinder patch
    on my M3-


    -and got a whole lot of different answers. Still confused, I called
    several well known Leica Repair 'experts' and got similarly different
    responses, albeit with considerably more 'expertise' in their voices.
    I cannot, of course, name them without inviting protests from some of
    them- suffice to say that the cost of repairs (and what was needed)
    varied from $200 to about $900 for fixing the fading patch. This is
    disconcerting, to say the least, and not unlike the experience one has
    with some car repair shops, even tho' these people are well known and
    respected on these forums. I guess, even for such a specialised job,
    one should get several 'quotes', and then decide.

    I will probably send my M3 to these guys-


    Anybody have any personal experience with this issue ?

  2. I have experience with CRR-Luton.. All good. Peter is one of the best in the business in my
    opinion. He'll send you back a fine camera.
  3. All I can say is that I have used Dag in the past with great results plus I feel his prices are not as high as I would charge for the same kind of work.

    Dag being Don Goldberg & I have also heard nothing but praise for Sherry Krouter at Golden Touch.

    Let us know how it goes & Good Luck
  4. As I posted yesterday, I had a very faded rangefinder patch on my M3. Virtually unusable.

    Most of the info I found online said I just needed a cleaning. So, initially I sent it to DAG for a CLA and he concurred that a good cleaning of the rangefinder elements would probably solve the problem. Well, he did a fine job cleaning and lubing the whole camera, but it didn't solve the faded patch.. not even a little.

    So off it went to John Van Stelten (focalpointlens.com) who recemented the beamsplitter and replaced the prism and the problem was resolved. I probably spent more getting this camera in shape than I should have, in part because the common wisdom said it just needed a cleaning, but no regrets. In the end it was still far cheaper than an MP and the camera is absolutely perfect.

    If sending it to the UK is easier than to Colorado then a rebuild from CRR-Lutton seems like the wise choice.
  5. Peter at CRR did a full service and restoration of the finder on my M3. In this case the finder suffered from balsam separation.
    He did an excellent job and the M3 is like new in all functions.
  6. Peter , at CRR, worked on my M3's rangefinder and did a really terrific job.
  7. I'm another person who would happily recommend Peter at CRR.
  8. Yea...I know what you mean. I call auto mechanics all the time and tell them 'gee, my cars making funny sounds' and I get all these different quotes. Sheeesh. Without a service person acutally SEEING the problem all you're getting is a QUOTE.
  9. In reference to Michael's comments, Malcolm Taylor told me once that there are a small number of M3s whose optics will be found to be soiled beyond complete cleaning. He said, some owners will be satisfied with the degree to which they can be cleaned, and some will not. Evidently yours was thussly affected. Good that you found someone to sort it out to your satisfaction.
  10. Bob, I believe decribing a relatively well known and specific problem should generate a fairly clear response, and is very different from the vague description of "funny sounds" that your car may be making.

    The differences in'quotes' has to do with the following issues-

    1. Whether a much needed cleaning is the sole or predominant problem causing the faint patch.
    2. If even a thorough cleaning will NOT take care of the problem, whether the prism is decementing/Desilvering, and repairing this can be done and will fix the problem.
    3. Whether the ONLY solution is to replace the part, which currently comes from the M6J, and costs $600-1200.

    So, perhaps a better understanding of what I was refering to may help you see this for what it is...
  11. Big thumbs up for Peter. He currently has a few bodies of mine to work on. I've had him CLA and paint an M2 for me. Fabulous work.

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