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  1. Hello-

    First post here. I finally got ahold of my dad's M2R that he's had for decades. I had the opportunity to shoot with this one about 18 years ago, but unfortunately it hasn't been used since. As you would suspect it doesn't want to run right after the long wait. From reading other posts here I have concluded that the rear curtain is stuck as a result of the self timer. There is no film loaded. The first shutter and winder work fine. When the shutter is pressed, there is a click and only when it's released does the first shutter slide out of the way. The self timer is about 20% engaged. It will not wind further and there is spring resistance when it's pushed back to it's resting position. Any suggestions before I send it off?

  2. Correction. The self timer is now released, but the rear shutter is still stuck.
  3. The lubrication has dried out and it needs a CLA. Further using the camera at this point could seriously damage the shutter.

    My good friends Gus Lazzari at TLC Camera Repair - thegreatgus[at]gmail[dot]com - or Don Goldberg at DAG Camera Repair - dagcam[at]chorus[dot]net - are great choices and both charge about the same amount (around $350). I would highly recommend either one. Both have huge backlogs, but worth the wait.

    Your M2-R, pretty much regardless of its physical condition, is well worth the cost of a CLA.
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  4. Thanks for this. I had figured it was time for a CLA regardless of the underlying issue. I have a local guy, Ken Toda here in NC that may be an option. If not, I'll look into the suggestions you made. Thanks!
  5. Your M2R is a highly regarded Leica collectible as well as a great camera. As mentioned above, even at $350 it is well worth having it completely restored, CLA'd by a Leica Specialist. A complete CLA and you can be good for another generation. If you ave any of the accessories such as the baseplate winder, it is even more valuable. Good luck.
  6. Also Sherry at GoldenTouch Camera Repair. Considered one of the very best.

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