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  1. Okay, I have checked the archives and I know that DAG uses "92", Sherry uses "K", etc. I have an M2 with what looks like a "W". Does anyone know who uses that stamp? I've been using the camera for quite some time and it's one of my favourites (I can see the 50mm lines while wearing glasses). Everything works as it should. I'm just curious to know who worked on it and if possible, send them an email with the serial number of the camera in order to find out when they serviced it.
  2. Wien - Vienna
  3. Harry , du bist ein Witzbold but I forgive you.
    Just because Leica got into Austrian hands its not retrospective you know.
  4. Hi Stu, this is propably Garry Winogrands old M2
    if it is it would be well worn.
  5. Manfred,

    I wish it was some famous photographers camera, then I would have something to brag about. However, it is definitely not well worn. I just want to find out who uses that seal.
  6. Sounds like a question for the LHSA. Based on their current repair listing (http://www.lhsa.org/repair.html), maybe the "W" stands for Wetzlarer Feine Mechanik.
  7. A number of years ago there was a Freddy Werner that was in the Wash DC area that repaired Leica's and was using a "W" from a old script
    typewriter on the cameras he repaired. He is now retired and living in Sarasota FL
  8. Looking @ the picture, I agree w/Bill. That "W" looks awfully like the 1 used by the Washington Senators (& the current Nationals).

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