M2 sjutter jammed

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by darko|1, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. Whats, happend? I have purhase this camera, in faboulous cond. with DR
    Summicron and when guy has bring it to me, he want to show me how it works.
    Leica was without film and he cocked the shutter and want to realease ,the
    shutter has jammed....God damn...
    Is that big problem....??

  2. Look it over for any film chips that may have gotten caught in the shutter curtain tracks. Might also try changing the shutter speed to see if the problem exists at all speeds, or just some. Consider sending it to one of the experts. It's not a tragedy. It is well worth getting it fixed. See if the seller will pay the repair cost.

    Great camera--I'll never part with mine!
  3. If you cannot see anything obvious, there is one deep dark secret regarding jammed old M's.

    Behind the metal light shield of the camera are two felt strips. In 40 years, the glue has dried and the felt strip comes off, in particular the top one. And it jams against the top shutter tape.

    Try peeking upwards in the shutter gate to see if that is the problem. It is easy to fix - but does need a trip to the repair shop. The top needs to come off, as does the body shell, focusing arm and the light shield.

    Good luck with it.

  4. Thanks Rob and Vick, I`ll wait few days until the guy fix the problem...Hope it will be very soon and succesfull...

  5. ...the glue has dried and the felt strip comes off....

    Vic, thanx...you have preciseley define the problem....everything is now fixed and leica works fine....this leica was nevere "opened" before this small problem.....


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