Lumix is fading out from our mind...

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  1. Clearly we are dealing with a genius.
  2. I have an LX-5 as a point and shoot. A very fun camera, talk about a camera that punches above its weight? Love how small and compact this camera is and how many control features for a compact camera. The IQ is good too.
  3. Too much of this is based on hearsay b.s. Panasonic has addressed this explaining it company restructuring of departments. Their cameras will continue to be developed and available. What Peter Roberts predicted is NOT true.
  4. Love the versatility and portability of my FZ1000, and the image quality is just fine for my wants.
  5. Glad to see this thread is staggering on. I have two Panny M4/3 camera bodies, three Panny lenses, plus two each from Zuiko and Samyang. I expect them to all continue to work together regardless of any corporate shenanigans from the Panasonic hierarchy.
    As I'm nearly 70 now I don't take a very long term view of photography, or anything else, but I'm fairly sure my photographic needs will be met for as long as I need.
  6. I own many cameras from Panasonic, from the FZ1 to the L1, and I can not complain anything about them, especially since they still work (and look) like new. But you should be allowed not to like, and actually hate the Panasonic cameras. Even if I need a mILC, I would choose Panasonic-Olympus, not a Sony.
  7. I think all of the Lumix that you own were made in Japan. I checked the LX100 and it's made in China and I think Lumix is fading from my mind.
  8. To Bebu: Yes, I told you that I think all the micro 4/3 are made in China and/or Vietnam, and that's the main reason I don't want to buy them. Even the Olympus 4/3 flagships like the E-1, E-3 are made in China. I bought a used Olympus E-300 (yes, it is made in China), as a throw-in, when I bought two Olympus 4/3 lenses (to be used on my L1) and it does have the common card door broken (and I blame the chinese production for that), but the design is not bad at all and I couldn't stop using it because I feel comfortable using it. But the Sony's, many of them are in great condition and very well-built, are not comfortable to use at all ... for me. I did use adapters to adapt manual lenses to my EOS and 4/3 cameras, but soon after that I quit using adapters because it affects too much to the design of the cameras and my comfort in using them.
  9. Does it matter where a camera is made if it works as expected. Yes I have a Panasonic camera and works for me, I had a Canon 60D and 5 lenses but due to Arthritis I could no longer use them. My current Lumix LX-100 does every thing I need (OK I no longer have a macro or long telephoto lens but then they never got much use anyway). If Panasonic stops making cameras so what I've got mine, If in future I need a replacement i'll choose from what is available.
    Camera snobery is even worse than which make of car is best, I can't understand it. Obviously VW is best.
    I love the way these forum posts go off subject.
  10. I am sorry Gerald! I should have PM John instead.

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