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  1. If anyone is thinking of purchasing or installing Luminar 3, I would advise against it.

    It was released earlier this week but it's certainly not ready for prime time just yet.
  2. Can you tell us why and how you came to this conclusion?
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  3. I like the results I get with Skylum Aurora HD, but I'm not ready to give up on Photoshop or Lightroom for an unproven product. I've encountered many products that promise spectacular improvements in photos. The problem is that not all automation knows when to quit "improving" things, Aurora HD included. Self-driving cars stop for (most) pedestrians, but not always for semis crossing the road. Yet we are assured by manufacturers that "nothing can g..g..g..g..go wrong."
  4. Err..... it doesn’t work.

    Tell you what. Download it, try it and see what fails. Then do a bit of research and see what you come up with.

    You might try here.

    Luminar 3 Update From Support Team
  5. Luminar has been around for a few years now. As I used various Macphun products I bought Luminar at a reduced price when it was launched. I used it very occasional then upgraded to Luminar 2018. Macphun is now renamed Skylum. Luminar3 is the latest incarnation which includes a DAM and other improvements. As it is a free upgrade I gave it go, I uninstalled it after a short trial as it has too many bugs.
  6. My comments were too much about "me" and not what I meant to express.

    Moving away from software you use daily, often hours at a time (e.g., Premiere Pro), presents a difficult choice. Luminar is not very expensive (compared to Adobe stuff), so it might be worth seeing what it can do that you like. Fresh ideas are, or should be, welcome. On the other hand, you spend a lot more on time to learn the product, then using it for production, than for the software itself. You then hope that the product will be a long-term success, so you don't have to start over if it runs out of steam. I have already gone through that trauma with accounting and publishing software. (If something is touted "as good as ...," run away or get the "..." product.)

    The most expensive product is one which does not do what you need done.
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  7. My workflow now is 90% Capture One, if necessary I'll export to Topaz Studio to use their AI Clear which I like, if I need any object removal I'll export to Affinity Photo which I find to be excellent. As Luminar 3 was a free upgrade I tried it but ditched it as it kept locking up on me, hence my warning after finding out other people were having a variety of problems with it.
  8. Why so hostile? Are we just supposed to believe you without question?
  9. You haven’t seen me hostile.

    Ever heard of a little known search engine called “Google”?
  10. That's interesting. Especially given that all I did was ask for some detail rather than a bald assertion.

    Have you ever heard of Sturgeon's law: "ninety percent of everything is crap"?

    On the internet that may be conservative. The reason I asked was so many people post opinions based on troll posts and such rather than hands-on experience.
  11. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Hmm... it used to be 5%
    before the internet came

  12. Perhaps you need to up your dose of medication.

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