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Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by karl_borowski, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. Hey Everyone. I am looking into shooting dances and events. I got a Lucht Promira long roll camera for
    pennies in an auction, and want to use that. I have it equipped with a split 70mm film back. My question
    is where does one get cards for it, and how exactly do you go about getting the cards exposed onto the
    film? The instructions provided with the camera are quite vague as to how to do this. One other question:
    Is it OK to use this camera with primes instead of zooms? I 'd rather move it forwards and backwards with
    sharper images than keep it mouned in one spot with softer images from an 80-160mm zoom lens.


  2. Karl: the camera has a slot to put the cards in. The cards can be printed anywhere, you just have to know where the area that the identifier is and have it printed. We printed it on cards and on envelopes, when we handed to the school. When we colleted money in an envelope, we just put the corner of the envelope into the camera and it photographed the name, number or whatever was put into the area. Email me with your name and address and I'll mail you a blank card with a box in it for the id. If you print the box into an envelope on the same corner area, you can use either.
  3. Abe, thanks for the kind offer. I'll forward my info shortly. Would you mind telling me what
    lenses you used? Any quirks this camera has that I should be aware of? Also where did you
    get the film processed?



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