LTM Summarit Q??

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  1. Does the Summarit have "optimal" f-stop for contrast and sharpness? I noticed
    that the f-stop scale is such that mid-point is between 2.8 and 4. And I
    thought maybe lens design would put the best performance in the center of the
    scale. Also I suppose a designer would naturally think someone buying this lens
    would intend on using it between 1.5 and 4 or 5.6?

    Anyone have experence with this lens that could give me a few ideas on how to
    get the best results out of it? Thankyou.
  2. What focal length?
  3. f5.6 to f11 is sweet, as with most lenses. I quite like the look at f1.5 for centraly placed objects (portraits for example).
  4. Mine (21mm) works very well over f5.6, that's when colours become saturated, beautiful, and
    the price is justified.


    That's only my opinion.

  5. I'm sorry for failing to indicate it was a 50mm!
  6. Das Glas und David,-- My records do not show any Summarit other than
    a 50mm lens. So when you say "Summarit", it is known to be 50mm.

    The old traditional rule of thumb indicated that two stops down from
    wide open would be optimal. Though most users of the Noctilux prefer
    to use it wide open. (Notice; no focal length given)
  7. Why "Q"? Anyway, the earliest 50/1.5 Summarits had the European aperture system, while the later ones had the international aperture system (except for the the maximum aperture of 1.5). This lens reaches its optimum performance somewhere are F/8 give or take.
  8. Q = "Question"? :)
  9. Actually they call the 40mm f2.4 lens on the various compacts a Summarit. Don't know whether it is actually any relation, though.
  10. I have recently got one and was quite surprised: I think it is better than it's reputation. From the few test shots I have taken I can tell that it is fairly soft wide open, better but still soft at f 2 and becoming contrastier and sharper from f 2,8. My one seems to be on par with the coated post war Elmar 3,5/50 from f 4. I'd think the sweet spot is between f 5,6 and f 8 when the edges of the frame gain contrast and resolution. The wider apertures may be nice for a semi soft-focus-like pictoral effect.
  11. A Summarit 1.5, which cannot but be f=5 cm., is arguably best at f/5.6, or f/6.3 on the Continental scale. Closing down one stop makes no appreciable difference, though. Wide open, it is soft. At all apertures, it is prone to flare. The glass is delicate (and the coating where there is any), so it isn't easy to find a good example.

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