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  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening
    I've just installed LR5 and it's update (5.6) and I'm now in the market for a decent book. ( LR5 book that is, not John Grisham, Stephen King etc. But you knew that)
    Authors who spring to mind include Scott Kelby & Martin Evening. I would prefer a "conversational" approach over the dry & academic, just so I know that it's a photographer communicating with me as opposed to a tech geek. I'm familiar with Kelby's "buddy" style and I respond readily to that but if there's another out there I'd love to hear about it!
    The wife & kids have fried my intellect so I need to keep things simple ;-)
  2. I enjoy Kelby's style and his books are well written and informative.
    Martin's books go more into detail.
    I have bought both and recommend them over other writers
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    An e-book pdf that I really like, that doesn't get mentioned very much, is Michael Clark's Adobe Photoshop Lightroom: A Professional Photographer’s Workflow
  4. Adobe's "Classroom in a Book" series are useful when getting your feet wet with an unfamiliar product. They explore the application of a wide variety of features to various projects, which are included in a DVD enclosed in the book.
    "Classroom" books are also available in electronic format from Amazon and others, which can be read on a Kindle or iPad (Kindle App) and carried with you for timely consultation without the bulk of the books. I've accumulated so many paper books they constitute an hazard (to my marriage), and I'm always losing my place when I fall asleep reading them. Thank you, Kindle.
    Lynda books and tutorials are probably the best sources available. Their projects are more specific to real applications and cover more features than the Classroom books. They open up your mind to doing things you hadn't thought possible. Lynda books were pivotal to me in making efficient use of Premiere Pro.
    Martin Evening writes in a thorough and comprehensive style in explaining how various features work, but not necessarily why you would use them. At some point, everybody needs one of his Photoshop books in their library. They are books you scan for concepts, then consult as needed.
    If you want do do something, but don't know how to proceed, the internet and various forums (fora) is the best place to find answers, and a lot of BS.
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    I'm a big fan of The Missing FAQ referenced in Phil's post. The author, Victoria Bampton (aka The Lightroom Queen,) is very responsive to emails and also to posts on her support board.
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    +3 for The Lightroom Queen
    Adobe Tv with Julieanne Kost should be mentioned as well
  7. Another fan here of The Lightroom Queen, seconded by Martin Evening. Between them, you can probably get all the info you need.
  8. I can very highly recommend the videos produced by The Luminous Landscape. Informative, practical, and fun to watch. Both Michael Reichmann and Jeff Schewe are photographers. Guest appearances by members of Adobe's Lightroom developer team.
  9. There are a number of useful Lightroom videos here on as well as YouTube.
  10. Ditto, Julieanne Kost's videos, especially because Mark prefers the conversational style. Julieanne's tutorials are so effective because her voice is neutral, with appropriate intonation and pacing for the material. And the tutorials are well organized. There's no padding, no distractions, no unnecessary infotainment or self-promotional hype. I can even pick up tips from her videos just by listening. Sometimes after watching a video I'll listen a couple more times, podcast-style, while doing other stuff, just to reinforce the information.
  11. Brilliant. Thanks,all. The Lightroom Queen sounds interesting...I do like a liberal dose of "whys" with my "hows"...time to hit the bookstores. Appreciated! ;-)
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    +4 for The Lightroom Queen and whatever you can get from Julieanne.
  13. I personally prefer the Martin Evening books "for photographers"...
  14. Victoria Bampton also has a free "getting started with LR5" .pdf that you can download from her website. It's quite good, as are her Missing FAQ books. I like Martin Evening's books, as well. Very comprehensive references.

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