LR CC clarity ?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by robert_harvey|4, May 12, 2016.

  1. When I import raw images and apply a preset the clarity is set to 10. Through the workflow I sometimes increase the clarity, but when I sharpen the image clarity goes back to 10 at the preset level. What's going on??
  2. Sounds weird to me, i have never had that happen. Are you sharpening using a preset in Lightroom?
  3. Hi Robert
    Are you changing the sharpening through a preset or just by the slider in the Detail panel. Any intervening step before or after applying the sharpening before going back and checking the clarity slider?
  4. Figured it out. Using preset sharpening and it sets clarity back to 10, I suppose to ensure not over done.
  5. Which Sharpening preset?
  6. It is the landscape sharpening presets from Matt Kloskowski, his portrait presets do not cause same problem.
  7. Tht is pretty easily remedied if you want to: start with Matt's preset as a foundation then add the amount of Clarity you
    desire, and save as a new preset.

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