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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by twmeyer, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. I set up a last page with contact info for prints and licensing, set font, size, layout, opacity, all in "Page Text". Done. Shift to a different module and when I come back, that last page is gone. Also happens if I close LR and restart.

    It's been doing this since I started using the Book Module a couple of weeks back. I thought it was user error, but no one else has this issue.

    I've tried Control S but it wants to save it to a new book. When I enter the name of the book that I am actually trying to update/create, it says that book already exists which it does, because I JUST created it... sigh.

    Why does LR discard the last text page in my books (three so far)? How can I make it stop, and include that page with all the others?

    I posted this on the Lightroom Forums last night... 51 views, no replies... t

    I should add, I'm leaving Blurb's logo page where it is, as the actual last page in these books.
  2. I've not heard of that problem. But I'll be interested to here the outcome. I have a book, and I"ve added an extra page at the end, but I don't have text on it. Have you tried just making a quick mock-up with a couple of pages of photos and then add your extra page with text and see if it happens there.
  3. by "a quick mock up" do you mean output to PDF/jpg and make a stack of prints? How would that effect this problem? I've actually sent it to Blurb for test printing and had to re-add it since then, a couple of times.

    Just now I added that (next to the) last page to a book (for about the 5th time), then changed to "single page view" to add different text to the Title page and when I went back to the "multi-page view", the next to last page of text I just added was already gone... I never left the book, much less the book module... t
  4. Sounds like a Lightroom bug that needs to be reported.
  5. if it bugged any one, besides me... t
  6. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    If you switch the last page with the page before it, then use the same process, does that last page disappear? How many pages in the book? It might be the Blurb 'template' built into LR. If you export the book via PDF, you should see two RIP'ed sets (interior and exterior of book), are all the pages there?
  7. Hm. It was gone again this morning, after uploading and ordering last night. Previewing the book at Blurb shows it uploaded as designed, with all pages intact.

    I just added it back (it's page 25 in a standard landscape (8x10) soft cover, premium lustre), then I dragged page 24 over to where 25 was (the yellow line between leaves 25 and 26 (26 is the Blurb logo page)). The text on the page disappears, and 24 remains where it is and page 25 goes blank.

    And Andrew, just changing the output to PDF disappears the last two pages, displaying only 24 pages, including the Blurb logo page... so I think you're on to something.

    The template that arrived by default must allow only 24 pages. I'm producing a series of books with 11 images in each. Consequently, they all have the same number of pages (25), which is why this problem is pervasive, insidious and inherent. Grrr.

    Now I need to save these as custom layouts? Which takes me to that problem of saving it as a new book, which I hope will let me delete the original that is based on that limited template...? Back to work. I'll post again if this produces a fix.

    Thanks, Andrew ... t
  8. Wow.

    So I saved it as a new book, and it assembled different (apparently random) and fewer images than were actually in the displayed book/collection when I executed the command, adding an image from a completely different folder/collection/book and removed all the text, text settings and the layout settings from the displayed book I was trying to save. F**k me.

    "Diminishing return" is the phase that came immediately to mind, with a few extra adjectives... t
  9. Another oddity. The description of that preset "Standard Landscape" defines it as having 26 pages. Page #25 is apparently required to be blank, and cannot contain text. Apparently... t
  10. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    I really dislike the LR book module and the output so I do this task solely using Aperture. I just export the images as Adobe RGB (1998) which is what is sent from Aperture to print. I like a few of the Blurb templates better but overall Aperture does fine for the books I've printed. I don't use Aperture for anything but that task which it does well. LR is buggy and weird. Blurb output is not anywhere as good as Apple's providers.
  11. Book module is adding an image to a collection three times now, that was never added to that collection by me, and I've removed it three times and it keeps adding it back to that collection. It's a tif file in a different collection, in a different book.

    Meanwhile, it's ignoring the custom type settings I saved (reverting instead to Myriad Pro), ignoring the saved custom page layout (Left blank, Right one photo, Linked Padding, 40pt) and it deleted the book I have already created, named and published with all those and more, precise settings.

    Delightful... t
  12. "buggy and weird"... I concur.
  13. Tom. You described the problem as being in LR, you said when you leave the book module and come back or if you close LR and re-open, the last page is gone. So what I meant is, create a new totally different book, add a page or two with photos, then add your last page and some text and see if it happens still. Should take about 2 minutes. But I see you are having all types of problems with it now, you may have to re-install. That is totally "weird and buggy" and yes diminishing returns for sure. However....
    I have a book in LR now and there has been zero problems. I've sent two prototypes to Blurb and they came back nicely all organized exactly like sent, however I though I do have an extra page in the back, there's no text yet, but there will probably be a table of the photos at the end when I have all the photos I want shot and the edit finalized. I have used Aperture for very small books and its book module seems to work well, no issues, but it didn't seem all that much better than LR. Sorry to hear the book module been such a bollux for you.
  14. Thanks Barry. Have you ever seen LR give the status of "collecting information"? I've got a very fast machine... 16gb ram, i7 processor, SSD... but it's done this twice in the book module right after I delete a book... it immediately shows "collecting information" and takes about 5-10 minutes to finish. I can import 16gb of images faster than that. This text shows above the status bar that indicates task process status, top left corner.
  15. also (I'm getting tired of saying that), when I look at collections, and select a particular one in Library module, it shows the collection as I assembled it. If I stay in that collection and change to the Book module, all the images change to completely different images that are not in that collection and are in a totally different book. Reverting to Library module while in that collection then displays all the correct images for that collection.

    also (sigh), tried creating the disappearing text page again, then did a "duplicate book", then renamed it and changed modules. Returned to the book module and the page is gone from both copies of the book.
  16. Yeah something's wrong. I just created a new collection with 6 images in it, went to the book module and it displayed images from three different collections. It appears to be confusing book sets. Damn. I just know a re-install is not going to go well.
  17. Nope, have never seen that. And something makes me think that your installation is perhaps corrupt in some fashion? I don't know. Basically I created a collection and designated it as the target collection. I then went to the folders of several shoots and flagged the selects and sent them to the target collection. From that I went into the book module, but I created 1 page at a time and dragged the photos in. I didn't do the automatic thing that brings images in I tried it quickly at one point, but it messed up the order, so I didn't go there. Maybe that would help? Out of about a hundred images I dragged 44 into the book and then saved the book. Than I messed with the order etc. Added some text. It will be interesting to see what happens when I bring more photos into the collection and then the book plus text..hmmmm. I have 31 pages now. In clouding the title and copy write pages, and a blank page that will have text at the end. We will see. For all it matters, I'm using a mac if that matters, it really shouldn't.
  18. I haven't used target collections, because I assemble collections as I make images and build them up over the years. Just started Book projects in the last couple of months, seriously inthe last two weeks.

    Then I go to the Book module, set the parameters I want, Standard Landscape, Softcover Premium Lustre, Logo Page On, left blank right one image.
    After I had this trouble manifest several times, I started working with presets for text pages to see if that would help... didn't. Tried to set a page preset with linked padding at 40pt... only works partially (some pages are created with "fit" images (flush, two edges), and some with my preset linked padding that gives a white border on all sides (40pt). So that didn't work, really. Created a type style preset too, that produces sporadic success.
    All of which should not have anything to do with a disappearing text page (page 25, in a book with default content of 26 pages)... t
  19. here's the whole book, with text page in place, bigger for your viewing pleasure... t

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