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  1. I'm a D700 shooter and have been using LR 5.7 for a long time. I gave up on the upgrades when Adobe went to the CS model; I don't want to pay for a monthly subscription as I am too much of an intermittent user. Plus the whole concept offends me.

    I am going to buy a D850 (I'll wait 6 months till the bugs and recalls are sorted), but am now wondering how people have dealt with newer (post LR 5.7) camera and software releases from Nikon.

    I presume I can still process a D850 file with LR 5.7, but what am I missing by not having the latest update and how have people worked around this? Switching completely to a different method? DxO software? Other options?

    Thanks for any feedback
  2. RAW files won't even open. I am not sure about JPEG but assume they will be fine. One option to use RAW is to use the DNG converter that adobe provides for free.
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  3. FWIW, Lightroom is still available with a non-subscription, perpetual license. Its hard to find, but if you search under 'all products' its still there as of this morning:

  5. Adobe has been updating Lightroom 6 to support new cameras, I assume they will do it for the D850. I think this is probably your best option. I would not want to convert NEF files to DNG files because DNG is not supported industry wide.
  6. That's great news! Thanks all for the replies. Off to the Adobe store I go ..
  7. In the UK Amazon are selling Lightroom 6 for £109.98 which is a lot less than $149.
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  9. Apparently you don't get the dehaze tool in Lightroom 6 it seems to be a CC only feature. I ran into this article saying someone has come up with a preset that does the same thing. I use dehaze a lot and its pretty amazing what it can do for some photos. Here is a link to the article.
  10. BH has Lightroom 6 (with free expedited shipping) for $142.99

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 (DVD) 65237578 B&H Photo Video

    I would wait until Adobe announces support for the D850 before purchasing. You do not want to purchase it, have Adobe announce Lightroom 7 with D850 support and no support in Lightroom 6.
  11. When you have a legal version of LR5 you can upgrade to version 6. I paid something in the range of EUR 70 for it, I assume it's about the same in USD.
    I have use DNG converter for some time, for reasons about operating software, 32/64 bit etc I had to use LR 4 + DNG converter and I must admit that it is just one extra step in the workflow. Apart from that it works ok, nothing to it. You can always get the original CR2 file out of the DNG or you can save/backup the original RAW's. In the end of course I stopped using LR4/DNG converter and went for the LR6 upgrade.
    About dehaze and similar functions: think of it, the necessary variables are present in LR6 stand alone but Adobe keeps you from using them.
  12. Ok, lot has become clear for me in this thread. I will indeed wait for the D850 support to come out for LR and proceed from there. I was completely unaware that there was a LR 6 option that was standalone (post CS debacle). I do have a legal version of LR 5.7 (all the way back to 4 I think) but I never saw an option to upgrade - it always pointed me to CS. Will wait for Adobe to make some D850 noise and proceed from there. Thanks all!
  13. Hmmm... so the LR6 DVD you can buy on BHP is only for use with a US billing address. Adobe Canada doesn't seem to show anywhere on their site that you can upgrade a legal 5.7 copy to 6, let alone buy a net new 6 copy... I'll keep looking.
  14. By the time you buy a D850, you'll have plenty of options. Adobe will have released an updated DNG converter, probably within weeks of the camera becoming available, which should allow you to use your existing copy of LR 5.7 with just one extra conversion step (personally I would keep the original NEFs as well). LR6 (or perhaps even 7 by then?) will be updated to handle D850 NEFs directly. Nikon will have updated Capture NX-D and ViewNX-i, their free raw conversion packages, for the D850, so you can output tiffs or jpegs that can be edited in anything. Every other current raw converter will have D850 support.

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