LR 4.4 freezes and crashes

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by twmeyer, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. LR 4.4 freezing in Develop Module, under light load, performing various tasks from WB to Adj Brush, to Crop Tool to Spot Tool, Gradient etc... freeze and crash has occurred using almost every tool. Intermittent for the last week, now happening almost every 5-10 minutes. Only software change was Adobe Flash upgrade.

    Catalog Optimised, Cache purged, working on a group of 50 images made with D700... nothing taxing at all... anyone else seen this? Productive and useful suggestions welcome.

    Windows 7 Pro, 16GB Ram, 1T C drive, 1T D Drive, image files in 4 disc array (JBOD). Less than ideal processor.
  2. except... I installed i1Profiler at about the time this started happening. sigh.
  3. Remove both, reinstall lr.
  4. I reluctantly installed LR 4.4 (64 bit) on my main Win7 PC last week, even tho' the update didn't directly benefit me. So far I've noticed a few minor glitches, such as LR shutting down unexpectedly when I accidentally pressed the wrong key combination for keyboard shortcuts. I've been able to restart and pick up where I left off, no data loss.
    But it's still been 99% reliable, so no major gripes. My main PC is nothing special, low end quad core AMD CPU, Win7, 4GB RAM, single 1TB HD.
    But I'm not installing LR 4.4 on the laptop until the inevitable "oops" bug fix from Adobe. Probably within the next month.
  5. I've been running LR4.4 on an i7 Windows (Sony Vaio) laptop with no issues. But I have not installed i1 Profiler on that machine, either. Thanks... t
  6. I have nothing on topic to add. Only just wanted to
    thank you for brightening my day briefly with that
    Freudian slip in the title. Some things just might never
  7. "LR 4.4 freezes and crashes"? Sigmund must be working overtime on that one... 'cause it's going right over my head.

    Happy to be of service, even unaware as I am... t

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