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  1. Would like to share my findings about this bag that is great for backpacking. I
    have managed to contain all of the following;

    Ebony RW45e
    90 mm s/angulon
    150 Nikon W
    300 Nikon
    Pentax spot
    Lunasix Pro
    Toyo Loupe
    Tape measure
    Note book/pen
    Lee filers kit (4 bw filters + 3 spli grads + 3 ND's)
    Screw on filers (52mm) x 6
    6 dark slides
    3 ilford fp4 boxes for exposed film (n, N+ and N-)
    1 pack of ilford fp4
    Ebony all weather dark cloth
    Ebony lens shade and fixture
    Lens cleaning pen (truely cool item)
    Tripod (gitzo CF)

    with space left also..

    Any other experinces?

  2. I carry nearly the same kit (different field camera, spotmeter, 240mm lens) in an older Mini-trekker. The only downside is that the straps and suspension isn't great. It isn't too bad if you carry your camera on the tripod in the field. It makes me wonder why people carry larger packs!
  3. Mark,

    I used to carry my kit in a large domke but needed to backpack and the domke is a poor solution fo that purpose.

    I read loads of threads on backpacking and I felt that many see too big and some of the larger backpacks make you look like Armstrong when he 1st walked on the moon.

    Went to a camera shop with all my kit and found that the mini-trekker was big enough.

    Take care
  4. I have both the older style MiniTrekker (non-AW) and the newer CompuTrekker AW. I keep all of my LF stuff in the CompuTrekker AW and like the fact that it has the full length slot in the back for a laptop computer where instead I carry up to 8 dark slides or my 55/pn without warping them.
    Depending on where I'm going if I know that I'm not going to be able to put my CompuTrekker AW down at the exact location I'm shooting i.e. I'm standing in the water etc. I'll also take an empty Orion beltpack and just decant the items I immediately need from the backpack into the beltpack.
    Also I agree with Mark about there not being much give in the straps of the older MiniTrekker, the newer models are a much better design in that respect.
    However, if I want to go incognito I leave the LowePro's at home and instead take an old beaten up Billingham Classic I think which I picked up for $50. It looks like it belongs ot a homeless person. In fact I call it my 'Jedi' bag because it says to would be theives "Move along ...this is not the camera bag you're looking for." :))
  5. I too use the Mini Trekker AW, I have no problems with it. I pack in a Toyo 45A, 65mm,
    90mm, 135mm, 150mm and 210mm lenses, 6 film holders, a Fuji Quickload holder,
    around 10 Fuji Quickloads, Gossen Sixtomat, dark cloth, lens brush/puffer, cleaning cloth,
    large black bin bag, toilet roll, 2 cable releases, 7 screw in filters, Cokin P holder, rings, 6
    filters, pen, notepad, lens hoods and often a little food and drink. I may strap my
    Manfrotto 055 and 029 head to it, I use extra straps as the elasticated ones are too floppy,
    or I carry it. I may also strap a waterproof jacket to it. I've never owned another bag to
    compare it to. I could do with a little more space to carry more water when I'm out all day.

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