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  1. Hi all
    we have looked at and are considering buying the Lowell GL 1 video light to use for our wedding photography
    we have been very impressed with the great reviews we have seen and were wondering if anyone here has one
    we are interested in obtainable apertures and iso performance plus shutter speeds
    I did a test shot using my motorcycle headlights on a subject in our garage using my canon 85mm 1-8 I achieved a shutter speed of 1-60th @ f8 with iso 100 I would be interested to find out if I can do the same with this GL !
  2. It depends on how long you want the video light to remain on. It surely can be distracting if you leave it on all of the time.

    So what are your plans? To get rid of flash entirely?
  3. no sorry it just remains on for the shot we want ive seen quite a few you tube clips on how this works and it looks easier than flash and no we wont be getting rid of our speedlights it really is a "point & shoot" solution as you know being pressed for time at a wedding is the norm so anything to make the job easier is worth a look to be able to pick out shots with lighting you can see and modify on the fly surely has to be a bonus .. .
    the light lasts for around an hour with continuous use so im guessing it will last for a whole day
    take a look on you tube if you have the time and see all the reviews it looks great most of the pro's in the usa endorse it and ive spoken to a uk tog who loves it
  4. Specs. say it is 100 watt equivalent but since it is adjustable beam f-stop at subject could change. It should be bright enough to use but i doubt it will get you f8 at iso 100.
    Using a motorcycle as a light at a wedding sounds like fun.
  5. im prob not gonna use 100 more like 400/800 but thanks all the same
  6. At the price they are asking I think I would start out with the Dewalt version.
  7. It depends on how long you want the video light to remain on.

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