low light for D80, and where?

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  1. Hello, there, I accidentally won Nikon D80 on ebay - as a replacement for my D40x, that I sold the same day. So, the competitive advantage is .. more available lenses on my plate. Considering money is a concern, what would be a good F2.8 lense? If there are inexpensive F1.4 - I would consider that as well
    I already know about 50mm F2.8 for some $105. Is there zoom lens for a low light, that is not going to hit the wallet too hard? I have the 18-55 kit that I kept from D40x.
    Also another question. If anyone from NYC know a store where to buy used/older lenses? Where one can hope for some honnesty from the sellers? Not that I have a bad experience, just don't want to buy someone's garbage. Maybe a NJ or Long Island or nearby Connecticut? For a reasonable break in price I can drive some 2 hours.
  2. "what would be a good F2.8 lense?"
    That depends on what you like to photograph. Many more choices on the wide angle side, fewer as you get to the tele side. As for an 'inexpensive f/1.4 lens', I wouldn't call any of them inexpensive but cost is really relative. Many, for example, think the 50mm f/1.4 is well worth the extra cost.
    " already know about 50mm F2.8 for some $105...."
    I think you mean the f/1.8, not 2.8.......
    "Is there a zoom les for a low light, that is not going to hit the wallet too hard?"
    Don't know what 'too hard' means but the Tamron 17-55mm f/2.8 is about $400US new I think, maybe less. Many manufacturers have rebates going on for certain lenses.
    "If anyone from NYC know a store where to buy used/older lenses?"
    If I were lucky enough to live in NYC, I would check out B&H and Adorama. Both sell used lenses. However, I would take in my own camera body to test any lens. Each company may use different standards for what they consider EX+, for example.
  3. Low light, zoom, and not expensive are normally not all in the same lens. I think you can have two out of the three, but not all.
    It also depends on what you would consider low light, or as many call them, a "fast" lens. For a zoom, you will not see much faster than f2.8. Which is slow, for some primes. I would love to have a 80-200mm f2.8 of any age, but I can't justify the cost. On the other hand, I got a 28-85mm f3.5-4.5 for $110. The 75-300mm is cheap too. I think the older, "one touch" 80-200 AF f2.8 goes for at least $400. But, is f2.8 good enough for the low light you shoot in ?
  4. From the pictures you publish and supposing that the kind of photography you are in is landscape (urban) it may be better to consider a tripod as a competitive advantage. Not even a f1.0 or larger :-D will give you as much. Learning to live with a tripod will require a lot of time and effort. I forced myself a long time ago to always work on a tripod. Now it is almost natural. Go for a Chinese one, they are almost as good as the more expensive Gitzos and Manfrottos for a fraction of the price and btw a bit less expensive than a relatively fast zoom and the price point is around 200/300$.
    But if the pictures you display are not representative of your aims then, well, maybe a nice investment could be to sit down and ponder what exactly you want to do before buying hardware of any kind.
  5. I'm with Bruce Margolis - you are going about this the wrong way. You need to be specific about what purpose you require any lens for, not simply purchase a lens for it's large maximum aperture attributes.
    On the D80, try starting with a 50mm AF-D 1.4mm lens - the 'fastest' mid range lens for the price. I always have mine in my camera bag. There are plenty of 2nd hand offerings to be found worldwide. Adorama is a p.net partner so one would surely expect honesty from this particular seller.
  6. KEH is a good place to purchase used lenses. They have a return policy which I have not had to use. The prices may be high but you get more than you pay for IMHO. I suggest you decide on a focal length and see what lens speeds are available. Sigma makes a 30mm f1.4 and 50mm f1.4. Nikon has a 35mm f2, 50mm f1.8 and different 50mm f1.4's available. Bang for the buck would be the 50mm f1.8. For a fast normal zoom I suggest you look at the Tamron 17-50mm f2.8
  7. Funny, .. I didn't even notice that I haven't uploaded any of the actual SLR taken pictures here.
    The ones on my profile are taken with a old point&shoon Olympus C5000, many years ago, and don't really show what I want to do now, except maybe the subject itself. But I try a lot of things, .. urban, street, landscape, and a lot of concert photography. So .. this concert shots, is really where I wanted to get an edge on "fast" zoom lens. I think the Tamron 17-55/f2.8 is the one that I was considering and thinking that I will go with it.
    Thanks for the advices. Will do some thinking on it.
  8. the tamron 17-50 is an excellent concert/live performance lens, i use that, the sigma 30/1.4 and the sigma 50-150/2.8 for my "event kit" with a d300. you'll need the BIM (built-in motor) version if you want to AF on your d40x.
  9. used a sb-600 for the above pic but it's pretty good @2.8 w/ no flash too.
  10. bms


    The Tamron 17-50 was the lens that I bought when I got my D80, and it is a great lens for the money. My Dad since "inherited" the D80, but I kept the Tamron. New it is ~$400 but you can probably find it used for cheaper. B&H on 34th has some used stuff but they are not super cheap. Look in some local camera stores - I picked up a superb MF 105mm f2,5 for $75 locally the other day, bargained down from $130. But fast zooms (read f2.8) will always cost you. Your best cheap bet would be the 50mm f1.8.

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