Low Bridge

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  1. You made me remember, part of what I'm saying here is that it IS DARK under the bridge and there's a huge difference between under the bridge and in the open. The contrast in the image adds to that, at least that's what I'm intending.
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  2. At a certain point I don’t think a viewer and even a critic can or should continue justifying his response. I gave the reasons I could articulate. I hadn’t noticed the title but I’m obviously looking at a low bridge so, no, the title doesn’t overcome my negative feeling about the photo. For me, going any further with justifications for my response would not be productive but just repetitive.
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  3. OK, so did a quick experiment to see if I could show what I'm saying. (A picture IS worth...) I tried to make this a very mild adjustment of only the background, preserving the foreground character. I won't suggest it's any better than other approaches, only that it illustrates, generally, what I was talking about.
    Tools used in Lightroom 5 include contrast +2, highlights -100, whites -2, plus a radial graduated filter on the right-hand side, with +0.76 exposure, 69 contrast, -12 shadows, 29 clarity, 29 sharpness, inverted mask, with feather at 38%. I also did a very small radial filter on the bow of the boat to control the glare off the decorations, to little effect.
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  4. Dave, a tiny bit of graduated filter on the left side, with shadows +30, brings up a bit more texture, but without defeating the high contrast feel. Just thinking...:)
  5. David, thanks for your valid effort.

    So, do we pull details out of highlights because we can, or because the image needs it? I feel like the extra detail detracts from the primary subject and lessens the story about it being bright and glaring outside of the bridge, but dark under the bridge.
  6. I offer that is for you to decide. I'm just a kibitzer here.:rolleyes:
  7. A thought just occurred to me as I was reviewing previous posts in this thread. For me, I want at least one component of the image to have an EV that feels like what I would experience if I were in the position of the photographer. The original image does not have a "major" piece that fits this. Now, if I were sitting next to you in the water taxi, my eyes would likely by attuned to some component of the image. We have the freedom and flexibility in photography to make a conscious decision as to where that occurs, if we so choose, and it need not be the same as our focus point. What I'm trying to explain is the background rationale for suggestions I've been making. What I'm NOT trying to do is tell you how you should make or share your images.
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  8. I understand. Thanks for trying to clarify your view.
  9. I definitely prefer David’s (and Sandy’s) version for making the BG gondolier clearer but what this image suggests to me is Something Clandestine

    I like it but I am not too on the contrast
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  10. Ludmilla, thank you for your interesting interpretation.

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