Love this night time pic but what are the camera settings?

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  1. Good morning from York UK :)
    This link points to a pic i really like But a recent attempts i made of replicating the fun with sparklers type shot got poor results :-(
    When taking pictures with sparklers how do you make sure you get enough light on your subjects to see them but not too much light to know out the sparklers?
    Any insights welcome,
    Grazie tanto,
    If the link doesnt work please just just and paste this into the address bar:
  2. Shoot in dark enough conditions that a long enough exposure to trap the sparklers doesn't over-expose the subjects. Then use a flash to light the subjects.
  3. Seems to me that that image is a composition of two images, one a slightly darkened and blurred image of the people, and another of the sparkler writing layered upon it post capture.
  4. It's not likely a composition. Just probably a 5 second exposure, give or take, plus a rear-curtain flash (in this particular case, with the flash set too low to make this a very good sample of this technique).
  5. Thanks for your replies guys I'm going to give this a practice & see what happens :)

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