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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by ericf|1, Feb 14, 2007.

  1. I am about 20 days into my trial of CS2 and the circle the shows the size of
    the brush tool has dissapeared. I have checked in the icon section of
    preferences and the appropriate box is checked. In fact I tried all of the
    options, but to no avail. Any suggestions would be helpful!


  2. This is on a Mac, right? CS3 (not CS2), I assume?<p>
    It's a known bug that Adobe will have fixed by the final release.<p>
    The brush circle will appear if you are using a really small size brush. <p>
    The only workaround I know is to run under Rosetta. Do a Get Info on the app and check the
    "open using rosetta" box.
  3. Try the Caps Lock on your keyboard. This allows you to toggle back and forth between the
    brush circle and the cross-hair symbol.
  4. Sorry, I should have been more specific. This is CS2 on a PC. I will try the caps lock when I get home.

    Trying to hold off on purchasing full photoshop until at least the CS3 Post Announce free upgrade will be available.

  5. Are you using a really small brush, perhaps on a greyish area? That would make it hard to see even if it's there. Try hitting the " ] " key (square bracket) a few times or many times so the brush size gets bigger and you can see it.
  6. Frank,

    Nope..as I tried to remedy the problem prior to my post I used various brushes and brush sizes to no avail.

  7. Go to the brush palette and pick any brush, choose a larger size temporarily. When you exit the palette you will have your brush back as a circle. In the future beware of the caps lock key as mentioned above.
  8. This cap lock toggle of brush dia display, and Photoshop's refusal to convert a 16 bit tiff to jpeg (by converting to 8 bit first, behind the scenes), are a couple of "features" Adobe should toast.
  9. Frank,

    Thanks, it was the caps lock. Not even sure why it was on, but I'm back in business. At least for 8 more days.

  10. Eric,

    Where you in the Marine Corps, 5812?
  11. Roger Kallet, thanks so much for Caps Lock tip re lost brush. It was driving me nuts!

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