Lost Archive re: Auckland Camera Centre, Need Help Again.

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by andre_noble|3, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Over a month ago I posted a question on the Greenspun LF site,
    regarding the "Auckland Camera Centre" as a resource for Balcar gear
    to be used in my LF portrait photography.

    I got useful followup info regarding a spin-off company of Auckland
    Camera Centre, which offered even better prices on pro merchandice
    (I guess it was founded by that portion of Auckland Camera
    originally handling the import part of the Auckland Camera Centre
    business, but is now an independent dealer themselves, and also has
    their own web site).

    Unfortunately, a useful private email from a New Zealand chap which
    included the name of that company is no longer on my harddrive
    (Windows XP installation took care of that.(Arghh!) Additionally,
    the original question and replies no longer exists in the Photo.net
    archives, even though the thread is only a few weeks old.

    So, if that New Zealand gentleman (or any one else who might know
    the name of the company I am refering to) is reading this post,
    could you chime in with that company's name and web site again, if
    possible. I would be most appreciative.

    Thanks very much!
  2. Hi Andre
    it's that New Zealand chap here :>)
    yes....there's some strange? and frustrating goings on with the move to Photo.net
    Euroco is the name you're after, these guys are the previous owners of Auckland Camera and now only import and sell to trade/pros.
    Here's their website
    Hope they're some help to you, talk to Tim Timlin, mention my name, tell him you want a good deal! :>)
  3. I remember getting some pro film at a downtown Auckland photo store that was one that had diagonal crosswalks also that went thru the centre of the intersection..........; Alas maybe it was in Wellington instead...
  4. For the record, I wish to thank you both for replying. Andre

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