Loose Sounding 28-70 2.8 AF-S zoom

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by glen_sansone|1, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if any other owners of the Nikon 28-70 2.8 zoom have any issues with the lens sounding or feeling loose. Let me explain.
    I am new to this lens and purchased on that was regularly serviced every 2 years with no issues during its lifespan. However I notice a
    few things:

    1. The focal length ring when you turn it gives off a light grinding noise as it slides between 28 and 70. It's smooth but a little noisy.

    2. The focal ring I believe is a tad loose. When I hold the lens and turn it upside down and right side up the insides sound a little loose.
    Like a few knocks and pings. There is also maybe 1/2 mm of play in the ring.

    Any other owners experience this? I mean, if I take my brand new 50mm 1.4 AFS prime and lightly rotate it or shake it I feel movement
    inside as well, so I am not sure what to make of it.

    I have a Nikon lens/camera friend whose been repairing cameras and lenses for 40 years so I do plan to let him tune it up, but before I do
    I was hoping to hear from some fellow owners.

    Much thanks!
  2. Grinding is not normal. My lenses don't rattle either but I know nothing about the 28-70mm. Did you just purchase it? If you did, can you return it? Is your friend a certified repair person?
  3. I have the 28-70; no rattle, no noise, nothing loose. What Elliot said...can you return it?? If not, I would have it looked at by a certified repair person. Good luck. Joe
  4. Yes, my guy is an authorized Nikon
    repairman. If there is something wrong
    he would tell me and fix it. He made a
    call to another tech who is a little more
    experiened with 28-70s and he said a
    little tiny bit of rattle is no big deal. The
    focal ring instead of having a feint
    shhhhh sound as you rotate has a feint
    soft more of a grindy type sound it's not
    rough. It's smooth, with just a different
    sound. I'm not sure if because the lens
    is so large and thick that perhaps it
    comes with the territory. If a Nikon tech
    said so I'd never think of it again. But
    something tells me something inside
    the lens might be a tad loose. I don't
    want to return it. If it needs tweaking I'll
    deal with it. The seller has even offered
    to come to me with his other 28-70 and
    let me compare the two. I also saw a
    recent receipt with matching serial from
    Bikon that said the lens is perfectly
    usable. Any squeaks are due to the
    AFS motor which can be replaced. One
    way or the other I will reach a
    conclusion, even if I have to pay or split
    a repair bill. The lens is sharp and
    bright, so I know the optics are fine.
    Just hoping another 28-70 owner could
    describe some of the idiosyncrasies of
    this lens. Thanks!

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