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  1. Someone has just asked me if I could "restore an Art Leather Perma-Bound album. Apparently this company is out of business. I did find a site (wedding album depot) which offers consumers a service of putting their old pages in a new leather cover. The charge $250. They are asking me if I can do it for less. I have made modern albums but never the matted style pages so have never ordered them. I have not looked into whether this company offers a better price for pros but wanted to check with you all first. I am imagining if I am able to remove the prints from the mats, I could order any leather album cover and pages and reinsert the older images? - BUT can I do it for much less than $250 including my time and effort?
    I told them I could scan the images for them also if we were going to go to the trouble of removing them - that way they could archive and share with kids and grandkids.
    Thanks for any advice!
  2. ps - I haven't been on here in so long I forget how to make this post unavailable to the public
  3. BUT can I do it for much less than $250 including my time and effort?​
    No. :-(
  4. there is still some art leather stuff out there but not easy to find. try eBay craigslist and contacting wedding photographers in your area that are a little older, photos would stock the mats because it took long time for stuff to come in.

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