Looking for thse Chinese B&W films in Beijing, help please

Discussion in 'Travel' started by rich815, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. I used to live in China from 1996 to 2001 but know that place has changed greatly in the years since. Am looking for two particular films that are made in China and am hoping someone who lives there knows a good place that carries them. My sister-in-law already tried the shops out at Wukesong with no luck, and the "pro" place behind the book store just north of the west end of Longfu shopping alley had none either. Some people even said both these film may not be being made any more but I remain hopeful that there's stock still left to buy even if that's true.
    These are the two films I'm looking for:
    1. Shanghai GP3 in 120 rolls (black boxes with blue lettering)
    2. ERA 4x5 PAN ISO 100
  2. You can get both those films on Ebay. I live in the US and order GP3 from international sellers - even with shipping it's one of the cheapest 120 films you can get - and shoot it fairly often. I actually like it quite a lot.
    I'm looking there right now and I can get 10 rolls delivered for $21, expiration 03/2012.
  3. Thanks, well aware of the eBay auctions. Thing is those GP3 rolls are less than $1 each bought in Beijing. My wife got 50 rolls of it for me last time she was there.....
    Thanks though....
  4. Well, no luck on the 4x5 but my sister-in-law nailed me 100 rolls of the 120 GP3 for 6 RMB a roll! That's 88 cents US a
    roll! Father-in-law just came back and brought it all to me. 09/2012 expiration too. Now if I can only figure out how to get
    this film to lay flatter....

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