Looking for Mt. Rainier in the Fall Photograph

Discussion in 'Landscape' started by erica_pheysey, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. Hello, it’s been 10+ years since I’ve been on photo.net. Everything has changed as well as my saved likes. I’m looking for a photograph I want to purchase. I think I saw it here long ago. It was Mt Rainier with a clear top, red/fall tones of the huckleberry bush and there was a small lake in the foreground. It was a vertical composition. It doesn’t have to be this exact one (though I’d love to find it), but any candidates for my home display would need to fit those criteria. I want it to feel like fall. Any help leading me to this perfect photograph? Second option is just taking a trip in the fall and doing my own.
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  3. Many thanks for the compliment, Michael! I've learned a whole lot from being a member of PN. I consider PN to be a community in which we all help each other as best we can.

    In my experience most active PN members are team players too!


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  4. Thank you for your effort!! None of these however are the one I’m after. Maybe the image was put up for critique? But this would have been 9-11 years ago as it’s been that long since I was last on this site. I had it favorited. But after that many years my data has been swiped. I’ve googled and looked through hundreds and hundreds of images of Rainier. No luck yet.
  5. The closest thing I’m finding is a photograph by Alex Noriega from Lake Tipso. I’m pretty sure the one I had seen was by a female photographer on this forum. But without luck, I’m finding Noriega’s photo almost just as pleasing.

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