Looking for lenshood measurements for Mamiya C300 lenses

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  1. I was able to get a nearly complete set of a camera body and a good assortment of lenses and accessories of this camera some time ago but no lens hoods.
    Now what I am looking to find is a decent replacement for the original lens hoods to the lenses. Since I am not a collector but rather a user I am not looking for original parts but would like to see if I can find an adequate replacement with still available lens hoods.
    To have something to go by I would like you all to ask the following:
    Could any of you out there owning one or more lens hood(s) for this camera post the measurements of the lens hoods. Maybe in a format such as this. (Since I'm from Germany let me know if it will be metric or inches)
    Focal length: (as far as I could tell there are only three different sizes of original lenshoods, just let me know what it says on the hood)
    Height: (measuring the hood lying face down on a flat surface streight up to the 'back end')
    Diameter/width: (here I'd need the measurement across the corners or from side to side, please make sure to let me know which measurement you are posting).

    Once I got an idea how big the hoods need/can be I will go hunt to see what I can find to replace the original and the re-post my findings here.
    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hi,
    According to Bob Shell's Mamiya book:
    55mm...48mm slip-on (filter size 46mm)
    65mm...50mm slip-on (49mm filter size)
    80mm f/2.8S...48mm slip-on (46mm filter size)
    105mm DS 48mm slip-on (46mm filter size)
    135mm...48mm slip-on (46mm filter size)
    180mm...48mm slip-on (46mm filter size)
    180mm Super...50mm slip-on (49mm filter size)
    250mm...50mm slip-on (49mm filter size)
    I just use inexpensive Chinese vented hoods, same as filter size, they look like the old Leica rangefinder hoods and work just fine. As you can see you'll only need a couple. You'll also find that collectors, as opposed to photographers, have driven the price of original Mamiya hoods up to ridiculous levels. At least they have on this side of the pond.
  3. Charles, do you have the black or chrome lenses version? And what focal length? the ones posted above are for (if my memory is correct) the Black version hoods. The Chrome ones like the 80 and 105 take 42mm hoods (below) -
  4. 42mm hood dimensions, (roughly), measured from the top:
    - corner to corner 2 7/8"
    - side to side 2 3/8"
    - Height 1 3/8"
  5. I have Mamiya TLR gear but no hoods, but IIRC the original Mamiya hoods will fit the various lenses OK but will NOT fit over standard filters - another good reason to use generic screw-in hoods.
  6. Addendum...Richard is correct, the figures from the Bob Shell book are for black shutters, not chrome.
    As David points out, the generic hoods are really a better option, but find vented hoods, non-vented may interfere with the viewing lens.

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