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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by limor_mazor, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. I'm looking for photographs by modernists artisrs that show us what
    we didn't know and different than what we thought we knew.
    - thanks
  2. Could you rephrase please, hard to understand what you're after.
  3. ok, i'll try to explain myself better. i red a qoutation by John Szarkowski that some pictures show us what we did not know and some show us differently what we thought we knew. so, i'm trying to find photographs that explain this theory.
  4. Well...all the news photos are supposed to do this.
  5. This is a reason why I like to go to little art fairs or even arts and crafts...the need to see how different viewpoints are expressed through mediums ranging from cardboard, rusty metal parts, paintings with hideous perspective to (ahem) photographers whose egos and wild clothing mask their doggy and dull pictures...Once a while buried in this mass of repetition, there is some stunning originality and quality..In one of my last visits to one of these little shows I was surprised to find an 11 year old boy whipping out quick sketches that were in truth, far better than the stuff his accomplished painter parents were showing.....
  6. The assumption in your question is that somehow the artist or artists have some sort of insight into reality that others don't have. To me what you're asking is; "Show me what it is I don't know."

    It would help if you would state what your questions are, then it might be easier for someone to accomodate your request:)

    Hope this helps.
  7. Make you next 20 rolls of film Chromogenic (C-41) B&W (any).<p>Show us the "Artistic" best from your 20th roll.
  8. Look on the web for Gregory Crewdson's twilight or dream house series' and I think
    you'll find just what you're looking for. Or just look here and search for other stuff...


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