looking for ideas for a photo based on a theme

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  1. Hi guys. Just looking for some ideas here... Wondered
    what comes to mind if I say :

    - "Adventure on the corner of the street"


    - "Childhood memories"

    I need to do some photos on each of theses 2 themes...
    Very little post processing tolerated. Looking for some
    inspiration... Any good suggestions out there?

    Thanks a bunch :)))

  2. Another class assignment? ;)
    IBM used to have a sign "Think!"
    What does childhood memories make you think of? Surely you had a childhood?
    What could happen at a street corner? Does anyone help an old lady across the street anymore?
  3. >>> - "Adventure on the corner of the street"
    Sure, that sounds good. Hang around on a corner with good pedestrian traffic/energy, and hit people up for conversation and a portrait.
    You'll be amazed on how accommodating people are wanting to help. Be upfront and honest about what you want to do and you'll be golden!
    Tenderloin Neighborhood • San Francisco • ©Brad Evans 2011
  4. You won't find ideas in a smart phone. Or maybe you will. I think the point we stress is this. Imagination, imagination is key part of the photography thingie....
  5. Like on my wall:
  6. Ha! Honestly, you could probably google those words and get some great ideas, but as an artist, you ought to have the vision for these words. When I read the subjects, immediately, a half dozen ideas come up for both. Try closing your eyes, thinking of images that might work for those themes, not words. Go to an art museum and view some abstract art, or even realism. You are responsible for your own dreams, your own vision, your own fame.
    In retrospect, I'm being too harsh on you. Let's take childhood. If you close your eyes, do you have any great memories or adventures? Or is it all video games and TV? I close my eyes and think of exploring fields of hay and feeling the warm sun on my face, and the smell of freshly cut wheat and barley. I remember sitting on square bales of hay with my dog, and watching the sunset. I remember exploring babbling streams, and throwing sticks for my dog. I remember long walks with my friend Carl, sometimes 20 miles through hills of houses and taking pictures with our already ancient cameras. Or looking out the window of a car, as images move by. Fresh air flowing through the cracked window. Playtime at school. The smell of school halls, and the sound of chalk clacking against the chalkboard. Surely you must have something like these, of your own.
  7. If you are struggling for some ideas, then look at what others have photographed; google Henry Cartier-Bresson, David Bailey or whatever and street corner. Or even, flick through some books.
    Better yet, pick up a camera and go for a walk.
    The essence of creativity is to think; "Today I'm going to ..." or to think "They did it that way, but I think I can do..."
    There are times when the muse doesn't come, there are time when you will create total rubbish, but there are times when you will come away with something wonderful.
    And try to remember to post some results so that we can see what you have done.
  8. Combine the two themes.
    Choose a memento from your childhood. Take it to a street corner. Ask people to pose with it for photos. Tell them it's for a project. Ask if they carry any mementos around with them. Jot down their stories.
  9. "Adventure on the corner of the street"
    What come immediately to mind is this photo. Now, I'm not saying this photo is very useful in itself (unless your childhood happened to be in Paris, 1954, then it makes a nice 1-2 combo), but those old masters sometimes do bring a lot of inspiration....
  10. Are they allowed to be set up shots? Think of something different no one else would do. On the street coroner get images of a purse snatching in progress (a set up shot).
    Childhood memories; maybe a lemon aid stand.
    Those are two I just thought of after reading your post. I agree with what others have said, google (or Bing) is your friend.
  11. One of my earliest childhood memories was the assassination of JFK. Maybe you could make a trip to Dallas. Other thoughts:
    Etch-a-Sketch and Alphabits.

    What did you do when you were a kid? Baseball cards? Rubic's cube? Sesame Street? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?
  12. Thank you all for your response.
    If course, I could do the "usual" shots we see in google images, etc. I guess what I'm trying to do is accumulate a series of words / ideas in hope it will spawn some kind of great idea in my own head, you see what I mean. Perhaps a combination, etc.
    One of the problems I do have about my own memories is that they all relate to being out fishing, playing in the forest, building tree houses, getting muddy, etc. I just recently moved to a city in France.... so... not much forest where I'm at here! lol
    Nonetheless, your suggestions helped. I wrote down on paper some ideas based on some of them... Thanks a bunch :))

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