Looking for Fellow Collectors and Historians concerning Leica IIIC History Spanning 1940 to 1947 German and US Army Military Cameras and Combat Photographers in WW2

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  1. Hello Everyone!

    I`m looking for serious and knowledgeable historians and collectors dedicated to the Leica IIIC camera history.

    I`m researching stories about WW2 Military Photographers and Correspondents who used Leica`s, men who fought on both sides, German and Allied military personnel.

    History about the various Leica`s used by the German forces and US Army forces 1940 to 1947.

    I have been researching the US Army Leica era from May 1945 to early 1947 in detail now for about 3 years and now I want to expand my research now to the WW2 German forces, to possibly contact surviving German soldiers who were Photographers during the war, either Army, Airforce or the Navy?

    Please serious inquires only also exclusive collectors of Leica Military cameras and Leitz/Leica historians contact me, collectors can be worldwide, I also speak and read fluent German, so this is no problem for me, German collectors and historians feel free to contact me.

    I write back and forth often with Mr. James Lager and verify all vintage cameras in question and discuss the historical facts and I plan a book about the WW2 era Combat photographers in action, many using Leica`s.

    I`m running out of time, so many WW2 Veterans have passed away their stories are gone forever, if anyone can help me please contact men who are still alive or if there`s any families of soldiers who can share their deceased relatives stories, please let me know, I`m looking for photos, stories, paperwork, letters anything having to deal with ex- Military Combat Photographers.
    Please contact me directly to my email


    Thank You Kindly

    Tom Eitnier
  2. Tom, you may want to add this site to your searches...
    Also you can check through West Point's Academic Library online... I know that there are some reports and information on the German Army available through the military's website.

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