looking for eos film camera capable of taking double exposures

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jr stevens, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. HI all, am looking for either an eos 35mm film body or one of the older FD bodies capable of taking double exposures...can anyone list those cameras that have this feature? thanks!
  2. I have an old 10-s that does multiples. Up to 10 if memory serves. Kinda plasticy but all in all a good little camera (y'know...if you HAVE to shoot 35 mm ;-).
  3. EOS 620 does multiple exposures I believe.
    Edit: as does the Elan 7
  4. My Elan II and Elan 7 both do multiple exposures.
  5. F1N does in the FD range. 1V does in the EOS too.
  6. my canon Ti would do multiples, don't remember how many...
  7. EOS 300 takes up to nine exposures but actually you can take as many as you want by little trick. Dirt cheap and almost weightless body.
  8. EOS 600/630 will do multiple exposures, very easily. You simply select how many exposures you want on the frame, and shoot them.
  9. The Rebel X and it's variants (Xs film camera) can take multiple exposures.
  10. The 630 will be your best bet.
  11. The A2E will take multiple exposures.
  12. The canon 1V (EOS Mount) can do 9 multiple exposure, the T90 (FD Mount) will do 9 also, If I remember correctly

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