Looking for compact digital camera with Intervalometer - TimeLapse

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by josh_trefethen, Oct 30, 2009.

  1. Hello everyone -
    I am looking for a highquality point and shoot digital camera that will shoot an image at an interval, for time-lapse photography. I have been doing these with my Nikon D300, but I am worried about the shutter actuations getting up there (I am at almost 100k now).
    So, I'd like to get a small POS that also will do timelapse. Anyone have any ideas? I know the Canon G9 had this feature, but in newer models it was removed. Any good recommendations?

  2. The older canon S50 and S60 cameras had this feature and are RAW capable. They are slow (start-up and shutter lag) by modern standards, and have low MPX but have good lenses. I hope you meant P&S, not Piece Of S!&%.
  3. I recently bought a Nikon Coolpix P6000 just for that feature. It shoots intervals from 30 seconds and up.

    - s.
  4. The Canon G9 also had this feature, but the newer G10 and G11 don't - go figure!
  5. Ricoh has this feature on some cameras. I think the R10 has it.
  6. Go get a Canon P&S supported by the open source CHDK firmware addon. I use a A720IS with this. The addition of CHDK gives it in aggregate capabilities no other camera has, regardless of price. It makes available a number of options for a basic intervalometer. If you're willing to learn its scripting language, it's simple to do much more sophisticated things, e.g., variable shooting rates based on a schedule, or continuously shoot for as long as motions is detected.
    Installation of CHDK is basically just copying a file onto the SD card. The software loads into RAM on every camera boot. No changes are made to the camera firmware at all.
  7. Hey-I was just doing a search for the same thing. Did you end up getting a camera that worked for you? The Coolpix P6000 looks pretty good, but I can't tell if the time lapse feature lets you take full-resolution pictures, or just video-quality pictures.
    I have an older Canon Power shot camera- SD500, so the software hack looks interesting, but a bit intimidating. I'd be curious which of the suggestions you ended up taking. Thanks!
  8. Most Pentax point and shoot cameras have intervalometers built in, and can take up to 1000 shots on them. The minimum interval I've seen on one is 10 seconds.

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