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Discussion in 'Nature' started by johnmwright, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. I live in the Washington DC metro area, and I've seen several black squirrels on my way to work in Virginia. They are always on the side of busy streets. I'd like to photograph them in a more natural setting. Does anyone know of a local park where they can be found?
    I've read they originated in Canada, and were brought to the National Zoo and some escaped, but I have yet to spot any at the zoo itself.
  2. I have seen quite a few in the Chevy Chase / Friendship Heights area, which has some rather less urban yards in it. I have seen them in Rock Creek park as well in DC. Not at the zoo.
  3. I see them now and then, but not consistently enough to make one location more likely than another. I saw my first one along a wooded trail at Claude Moore park in Sterling, VA (I thought it was a skunk at first, as I didn't even know black squirrels existed). I've only seen it/them a couple of times there, though. I also occasionally see one around the office in Riverdale, MD now and then, but again, not often enough to predict when it might be there...
  4. Thank you Evan and Loren.
  5. I see a fair number in Sligo Creek park, but like Evan and Loren, not frequently enough to draw any conclusions.
    Tom M
  6. They are quite common in the Kent and Stow, Ohio area.
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    I assume you are talking about black 'Grey Squirrels' (maybe melanistic is a better term). Just a FYI but in the Sandhills Wildlife Refuge in SC there is a large population of melanistic Fox Squirrels, a much larger species of squirrel.
    I have likewise seen lots of melanistic Grey Squirrels near Ottawa, again I know too far away.
  8. Yes, melanistic is the proper term as I understand it. Thanks for all the tips. More spots are always good to know about.
  9. I seem to remember seeing some very beautiful blackish Squirrels in Wellesley Island State Park in upstate NY... well worth visiting in general.
    side note : I saw a pair of 1 black and 1 sable brown squirrels sunning themselves in Costa Rica... had fur like minks! :) -g-
  10. They used to be pretty common on the Princeton University campus.
  11. I've seen them around the back side of McLean Gardens (39th St NW). That street also abuts Glover Archibold Park which in turn, might provide a better setting.
  12. Thanks again. I've got a few places to look but more tips are always welcome.

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