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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by Gerry Whitmarsh, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for an off-camera TTL cord for my 5D Mk4. I bought a cheap one from Amazon – a Kesoto for Canon DSLRs, but it doesn’t work on my Mk4 + 580 EX ll. It triggers the flash ok, but no E-TTL. I have searched the Internet, but they all seem to be for the 5D1, 2 or 3. Can anyone recommend one that works, with E-TTL, for the Mk4 before I make another dud purchase?

  2. I was under the impression that all E-TTL cables use the same wiring layout, which is usable on both Canon & Pentax DSLRs. (Pentax call their system P-TTL but the contact locations appear to be the same)
    I've brought several E-TTL cables over the years for my Pentax bodies. I remember finding that I couldn't get them to work daisy chained to make a longer cable but all of mine have worked individually even though most were only described as 'for Canon E-TTL'.

    I would expect your problems are due to a broken wire or dirty/poor contacts, rather than a different wiring requirement. If the cable is faulty you should be able to return it for a refund, but if the price of the cables I brought is anything to go by it may not be worth the hassle.

    Apparently all Canon cameras since 2004 have used E-TTL II, rather than just E-TTL but my experiences would have been about 10 years after this!
  3. The 5D Mk IV uses the same off camera cord as any other EOS camera. The cord you bought must be poor quality and does not make proper contact. Return it for a refund.

    I would suggest buying a used Canon brand OC-E3 or at a minimum get a brand name like Yongnuo or Phottix.
  4. the Canon OC-E3 supports E-TTL and E_TTLII
    a lot of the off brand cables only support TTL (leaned the hard way.)
    Accordign to the B&H site the Vello cables also support E-TTLII.
  5. Thanks. As Petrochemist says, for the price (GBP 16) it is definitely not worth the hassle to send it back. Mike, thanks for the tip. I have now found a used OC-E3 for €39.=.
  6. B&H, Allen's Camera in Levittown, PA, New York Camera and Video in Southampton PA, Samy's Camera in Los Angeles CA are all legit Canon Dealers that you could order one from. I have done business with all of them. You may also consider wireless options. I have a genuine Canon cable. Then switched to remote triggers.
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  7. Hi Mark,
    I have already bought a used (as new) OC-E3 here in the Netherlands and it works fine. I have metered the Kesoto and all the pins have continuity, so I guess the alignment is just a tad off.
    Cheers, Gerry.
  8. Maybe a pin isn't touching, hard to say. Good luck.

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