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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by anthony_w., Jun 9, 2021.

  1. Hi, I am looking for a Tall Tripod or Travel Tripod. Idealy I would want one that I dont have to bend to use. I am 180.34M 18034 CM tall.

    I had my eye on the Leo Tripod by Three Legged Thing but its too short. My Camera is a Canon EOS 1200D

    Any Ideas anyone? thanks
  2. SCL


    Tall tripods tend to be heavier than travel tripods in my experience. I’d suggest looking at the Gitzo line with a rising center post and factoring in the cost and weight of a good ball head.
  3. Gitzo Géant.
    You need a ladder to reach what is on top.
  4. There is a four segment Manfrotto carbon fiber tripod ( still in the Manfrotto line)that I have that is quite tall.With the center column down I think it is about 67" tall. It is now in another location from where I am so I can't provide the model number.
  5. Should be 1.80M LOL
  6. Anything lightweight and tall is going to be a compromise. Might I suggest an angle-finder instead?

    This obviates the need to bend your knees and stoop to see through an eye-level finder. Yes, you have to bend over, but it's a lot more comfortable than doing the 'tall-person-at-a-short-tripod' forward limbo.

    Or a folding stool + shorter tripod might be a lighter weight, and more stable solution.
  7. I need tall tripods, primarily for video, where it's often necessary to set up on ground level and reach over the heads of passers by. These include a Gitzo #3 GT3543XLS, which extends to 79.5" without a column, which I use with a Gitzo leveling platform. The other is a lighter but sturdy Really Right Stuff #2 TVC-24L, which extends to 66.1". For normal use (I'm 5'7" and shrinking) I extend only the bottom joint and part of the second tube. Both have 4 leg sections, which is no disadvantage in terms of stiffness for these leg designs. Although the weight is okay for travel, the folded length is too long to fit in most suitcases without disassembly (which is fairly easy).

    There are other standard length, 4-section tripods which extend to 58"-60". Add another 6" for head and viewfinder, and you may not have to bend much to use them.

    I have a Gitzo #5 "Giant" tripod, with 5 sections and a folded length of 36" or so. It weighs 9.8 lbs sans head and towers to 108" when extended. With case and head, the weight burgeons to nearly 20 lbs. It doesn't go out with me much.
  8. You have a heavy version then.
    The Gitzo Series 5 Giant, with 6 legs (reaching 9.12 ft, i.e. 109", high without column or head) weighs 2 pounds less, 7.8 lbs. Folded it is 28" long. It carries 88 lbs safely on top.
  9. I have the aluminum version. It's a monster. You need a 7' stepladder to use it fully extended. It's designed for industrial product shots, on a factory floor.

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