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  1. Hello everyone. It's been a long time since i have posted anything. This request I know is an extreme shot in the dark. I am looking for a specific Leica M4 serial number 1270112 and 50mm f2 Summicron M serial number 2387339. Both of these items were purchased at the Leica factory by my grandmother in February of 1971. She was there to attend the Leica School of Photography class with my aunt and uncle. Later she gave the camera to my father and he regrettably traded it in in the early 1980's in Battle Creek, MI for some other Leica equipment at either Norman's Camera or Krums Photographic. Both of these camera stores were located in downtown Battle Creek. Like I said, this is a real shot in the dark but if anyone on this forum owns this equipment, especially just the body, I would very much be interested in purchasing it.
    Thanks all for reading.
  2. Todd, I have three suggestions. All are very low odds of success. I would start with trying to locate the dealer who sold the Leica as a used camera. Chances are if he was a traditional camera dealer he might be out of business, so to find him a forty year old phone book may be needed. If he was a Leica franchised dealer, the records might still be around. Secondly, I would write a letter to the Leica Historical of America and ask for their help. Lastly, there is a forum named "Rangefinder Forum" that might be of some possible help. For a real long shot, put a wanted ad in the Battle Creek newspaper. I sympathize with you as I wish my Dad had kept his Leica Standard. I'm just glad I have a picture of him with it.
  3. Look here.

    Also, I would suggest you shop for a nice clean M4 on eBay in that serial range and be done with it. The odds against you finding this exact camera are very slim; if you did happen to find it and the owner is willing to sell, you might find yourself being taken advantage of. It's already a sellers market right now.
  4. SCL


    Another place to look is the L-Camera Forum: Leica Forum
  5. Another long shot: contact both Leica USA and Leica Germany - the camera might be registered or might have been worked on. Not sure they will give you name and address if it was.
  6. Thanks to those of you who replied with suggestions. I may give these a try. Like I said, this beyond a longshot. I have the original invoice for the camera that was sent to grandmother from the factory as well as the course book signed by the instructor Gunter Osterloh.

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