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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by rafal_m, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Hello Everybody, Just wondering if anyone knows where I could find one of the Gigantic Studio Stands (model GIG)?... or even the DeLuxe Geared Dolly (model number 493)? I just think they look really cool and from some strange reason I want one. :D Rafal
  2. ... and here is a scan of the dolly.
  3. Looks like seriously vintage gear, so probably difficult to find.

    For new equivalents, just go to www.sachtler.de , pick your language / camera support /
    pedestals. FYI, B&H lists the Sachtler System 90 Studio Pedestal System for only $28,180.

    The dolly does look like a very nice one, although she's probably up into her 90s by now...
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  4. One was sold on ebay recently in Germany - see:
  5. I think her name was Hilda, not Dolly.............
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  6. They come up from time to time on eBay, though rarely complete. Quality Camera had one a few months ago on consignment for a kilobuck or so. There was a complete one in Sweden or Norway that didn't get the reserve of $4,000 about a year ago.

    It's heavy. REALLY heavy. And the large lensboards are unique and very hard to find.

    But it would be a perfect camera for big glass. If you buy one it needs to have a lens board adaptor and at least 1 spare board for a pattern.

  7. Hmm... I kind of guessed that these classic metal monsters would be rare; I guess I'll just have to keep an eye open for one whenever they do come around.

    I still think they look really cool... some kind of robot thing you would see on an old episode of Dr. Who. :)


  8. Defenetly on German, Austrian and on the Swiss Ebay sites! They are up time to time I have seen those many times but not to often!!

    Also you can send a letter Dr Muller and ask if they can bring one up for you enclouse your picture too and say hello from Frankie in Sweden!

    The E-mail address is this hildemue@web.de he runs a camera museum downthere and knows a lots of people in Germany!

    yours Frankie!
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  9. Not only do they look cool they are extraordinarly functional. One caveat .... if you are not
    within a short distance of the seller expect to pay big money to have it shipped to you. Some
    of them are large enough and heavy enough that they require shipping via freight as opposed
    to UPS/DHL/FedEX/Mail

    Example, my studio stand which is a more modern version and not quite so tank like still
    weighs in at around 200 pounds +. The wheeled base alone weighs over 100 pounds.
  10. Hi, I have the dolly you want! Hope this isn't a bit of a late response but have only just joined.
    Anyway, I'll keep an eye on this forum to see if you respond to this message and I understand it has email alerts too.
    I'm in London, UK and have had the Linhof since 1980, used then but in great and fully working condition.
    I've used it about 10 times, it's great for video - on a smooth floor.
  11. I have the big tripod and absolutely love it. I'd love the dollies (both) which would be perfect for the studio.
  12. You are right, these monsters are impressive and I love them.
    There is no vibration even with the heaviest gear:

    Linhof Studio Monster Stative Tripods

    These tripods and studio stands were (and are still!) produced in Munich (Germany).
    So it is quite easy to find them here for a comfortable price.
    The problem for you will be the transport.
    These tripods are HEAVY - doesn't matter which one of the professional series.
    The best would be via Hamburg container harbour.
    If you know a carrier, just ask for to add your gear to an existing load.
  13. I have one of these stands to sell, I'm helping the family of an elderly large format shooter, empty his studio. Contact me, the stand is near NYC. It is very heavy. john maggiotto
  14. The tripod is the Linhof Heavy Duty Pro, it is a current product although it is only available today in black. The Large Geared Center Column is an accessory and it is also a current product. The head and the dolly are no longer manufactured. Neither is that studio stand which has been out of production for at least 40 years. Linhof does still make studio stands but not like this old one.
  15. Maybe a little late for the OP?
    Who posted in 2006 and hasn't checked back since 2012.

    However, I do regret selling a much lighter Linhof tripod that passed through my hands. It proved extremely stable for its weight and collapsed size.

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