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Discussion in 'Large Format' started by philip_sweeney, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. I am looking for a 8 x 10 Wisner: traditional field. I am not having
    any luck finding a used one through Midwest photo. KEH never has 8 x
    10s. I have also been looking on ebay. Can you all point me toward
    some other vendors?
  2. There was an 8X10 that sold on Ebay last week.
  3. You could try Quality Camera in Atlanta, Ken Mar Camera has a lot of large format equipment, Lens and Repro too, maybe The F Stops Here though my two experiences there weren't that good. All of these places have web sites. And of course e bay.
  4. phillip, I think you'll have better luck finding a used 8x10 Deardorff, which is every bit as "traditional" as the Wisner, if not more so(if "traditional" is what you want!) A good user 'dorff would probably cost you less coin, too. You might want to do a search for deardorff camera and check out Ken Hough's Deardorff Historic Website on tips to evaluate old 'dorffs while you wait for that Wisner to show up on *b*y. Prepare to get 'dorffed! Good luck!
  5. Plenty of 8x10" Deardorffs in Lens and Repro (www.lensandrepro.com).
  6. There is one on ebay now.

    Good luck.
  7. Ooops, I see you found it.
  8. If you are looking for only a used Wisner traditional, then you better be patient. Who is to say that the next one that comes up for sale is at the right price and condition that is suitable for you? Plus you need to factor in the fact that on EBay, bidding can take the price for an item to near the price of a new item when multiple bidders get irrational.

    In the used venue, if you open up the possibilities a bit and include a Toyo 810 II, the Kodak Master, the Eastman Commercial, Arca Swiss, Deardorf (as previously mentioned) and even a new Wehman, you increase the odds of accomplishing your objective considerably. After all, the ability to effectively maintain a lens and a ground glass/film holder solidly in the correct position is a characteristic that is common for most field 8x10 cameras. Weight and bellows draw are the variables. If your objective is to express yourself to the viewer of your photography, the camera is inconsequential.

    I would recommend strongly that you spend your energy on the end result because that is really all that matters.
  9. And if your target is a Wisner Traditional, don't pass up a good Zone VI. They are quite similar - although the Wisner has a better handle.

  10. cxc


    Since I have already been outbid (;-)), here's exactly what you are looking for.


    I don't know why everyone else is telling you not to buy the camera you want. I'm buying a Wehman tomorrow, but so what? The Wisner Trad is a wonderful camera, find one and buy it if that's the camera your heart is set on.

  11. Philip, there is a Zone VI ultralight, 9+ condition, in the original box, listed on the Midwest Photo Exchange website (mpex.com), at the present time. If you are interested, call and talk to Jim (and only Jim). Tell him you saw the recommendation on this forum. I'm sure that he will give you a good deal on the camera. This camera has the same features as the Wisner Traditional, but it weighs quite a bit less. Also, the synthetic bellows on the Zone VI seems to be more durable than the leather bellows on the Wisner.
  12. I've used a Wisner 4x5 Technical Field for twelve years. I also have a Kodak Master View 8x10. I would hold out for the Wisner Traditional. Wisner's workmanship and engineering is superb.
  13. Eugene,

    A few months ago I was having trouble locating an 8x10 Wisner.
    Seeking an alternative, I asked on this board about the Zone VI
    Ultralight. You replied, "John, The last time you asked this
    question there weren't many responses. I still stand by the
    response I gave you the last time. There are many better choices
    out there. The Zone VI camera design, originally, was almost
    identical to the Wisner, but the Wisner was constructed to much
    higher tolerances." This seems to contradict your
    recommending the Zone VI to Philip.
  14. I suppose people can't win for loosing where this board is concerned.
    If you are looking for something which is somewhat specialised and ask here you might, if your lucky, get some answers after the fact has happened. However, if you have something which is for sale and obviously of use to a fellow large format member and mention it here as 'available' then be prepared to get a lot of nasty replies.

    This board needs to lighten up when it come to fellow large format photographers who have items for sale, or those that seek certain items.. and would like to let their fellows users aware of the fact that these items are avaiable.

    What is the big problem with this??

    Nigel Turner.
  15. John, I'm sorry if you mis-understood my intentions. Philip specifically mentioned that he had shopped for a Wisner at Midwest Photo. I was merely pointing out an alternative choice for his consideration. I haven't changed my mind about the superiority of the Wisner. I merely pointed out one of the advantages of the Zone VI. The synthetic bellows material. I still believe that the anodized aluminum metal that is used on the Zone VI is a trade off for the heavier, but more rigid, polished brass of the Wisner. The 8X10 Wisner is a better built, solid camera. However, a good used one is very hard to locate. By the way, what did you end up buying?
  16. Thanks for the follow up and clarification, Eugene. I ended up
    with a Canham JMC, by the way.

    I would like to second the motion that Jim at Midwest Photo is
    excellent to deal with concerning large format. He will tell you
    exactly what he thinks about a camera, and will actually
    discourage you from buying it if he thinks it doesn't fit your needs.
  17. Some of the deardorf's I have seen advertised were a little high. I recognize they are a good camera. I am a little shy to spend $2000 on a used camera when the new price on the wisner is $2495. I would have to see one first, maybe I'll make a NY run.

    I got an email from someone willing to sell a wisner. Anyone have advice on buying a $2000 camera from a stranger. The idea of sending a money order and hoping for the best is scary. Is COD via UPS a possibility?
  18. And just for the record, my recommendation of a Zone VI as an alternative to the Wisner was not for the Ultralight, but for the original Zone VI 8x10.

  19. philip, $2,000 for a 'dorff is high! I was thinking in the 1200-1700 range for a good "user" camera. FWIW, I wasn't trying to dissuade you from the Wisner but merely suggesting an option. The Kodak Master view is also a good option, but they are almost as scarce on the used market a Wisners and Zone VIs. As for buying an expensive camera sight unseen, I agree that its a scarry proposition at best. I've bought three cameras(no, four!) from Midwest Photo Exchange and I can recommend them---everything was on the up and up, they've got a generous return policy and lots of expertise. If Midwest dosen't have an 8x10 right now, be patient: like the proverbial streetcar, another will come along soon. They occasionally buy out studios, and my 'dorff was one from a lot of studio equiptment. Other dealers have good reputations, but I can recommend Midwest from personal experience. Good Luck!
  20. If you wanted to purchase from a stranger online, to feel completely comfortable you can always use any number of escrow intermediary companies that protect both parties.
  21. michael: can you elaborate?
  22. Philip:

    Try escrow.com for starters.

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