looked at a Hexar RF kit today

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by frank granovski, Feb 26, 2005.

  1. I looked at a Konica Hexar RF, finally. It was "the kit," with a F2
    lens. I guess the Canadian kit doesn't come with the F1.2 lens. What's
    this lens like compared with the F2? Anyways, I was impressed. The
    store chain is blowing them off for $2500 Canadian.

    I wanted to look at a MP and perhaps a used CLE also, but this chain,
    Lens & Shutter, don't deal with Leica cameras anymore. I was somewhat
  2. There are two versions of the RF: 1) standard kit comprising a velvet box, flash, 50/2.0
    and the body; 2) a special edition titanium-colored RF marked "limited," a 50/1.2 and a
    blue velvet box.
    The limited edition costs almost twice the price of the regular.
    The 1.2 is an amazing lens from what I've heard. No surprise, given how wonderful
    Hexanon lenses are. Typically very sharp with lots of "personality."
  3. Frank, if you are looking for a Hexar RF, and you live anywhere close to Calgary, check out The Camera Store. They are selling a demo Hexar RF kit that includes the 50, 28 and 90 for $3,200 CAN. You can see it online at www.thecamerastore.com under "clearance".
  4. Frank,

    $2,500 CDN??? Wow... if you're looking for one in GREAT shape...email me. I also live in
    Vancouver and have the RF kit with the 50F2.0 that I'd consider selling since I'm not using

  5. "Blowing them off for $2,500 CN"? That's US$2k! You should be able to find a nice lightly used Hexar RF for $6-800 and the 50/2 M-Hexanon for $300. $2k is crazy, IMO. I had a Hexar RF for a couple of years and it's a very nice camera, well worth any price south of $1k, IME.

    The 50/2 is also very nice, a very close copy of a late-model summircon.

    The 60/1.2 is a special, LE lens and NOT cheap. Highly regarded, but very specialized.
  6. I've also seen a half-frame Hexar RF. It wasn't cheap.
  7. Calgary is a mere 17 hour drive from Vancouver. This is the first time that I've seen a RF. I'm still keeping an eye open locally for a CLE. So, this RF with the F2 lens isn't the titanium version sold at B&H? Is there a website somewhere that has these Hexar lens tested/compared?
  8. Frank,

    Try this link:


  9. Thanks, I will.

    The RF that I looked at was quite heavy, solid feeling and good craftmanship. The viewfinder was very large, which surprised me, but I found it difficult to focus with. I guess it's something you have to get used to. Another thing, I found the auto winder noisy, like it has a lot of horsepower.
  10. I love mine ... bought it locally,(just the body) and I believe he has two more kits ... New in the box!

  11. You should be able to get a NEW unit for $600, the flash is expensive but works well for $200, the 50F2 for $300. I bought mine used including the flash for $550 in mint condition from a forum member. Works great, be sure to check that your Leica M lenses work correctly on it (focus), mine had to be aligned.

    Yes the motor is noisy this can be "fixed" by using the "C" setting and only shooting of one frame instead of the "S" setting.
  12. Really? Who sells new Hexar RF bodies for $600 (USD)?
  13. Yeah, give me some links to the $600 hexar rf's. I've only been able to find one place
    online selling the kit (not limited) for $1500.

    B&H had them this fall, but they don't seem to anymore.

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