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Discussion in 'Lighting Equipment' started by eirik_stensrud, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. Hi!
    Any tips on making realistic light coming from a TV?
    A direct light with blue gel often produces a flat ugly look.
    I think Crewdson does it good on this picture(link below) I think he uses continuous lighting,
    but is it possible to achieve with strobes?

    Tips on setups would be highly appreciated!

  2. hi Eirik,
    i shot this one some time ago:
    sure it's not tv, but what i did was:
    i put canon 580EX II on the laptop, triggered with el-skyport, bounced of the screen onto models face... i had another light (also 580EX) from the top bounced into umbrella for fill... unfortunatelly i can't remember ratios - it was experiment and - as i don't use light meter - i got this by trial/error method :)
    for your tv though, you could put gels on the flash and then shoot through gridded small softbox - it would give you some direct, yet still soft enough light - my 0.02 €£$
  3. Yep, blue gel and a grid of some sort, depending on your light modifier. I would probably use a honey comb on a reflector, but that gives a harder, harsher light than the softbox+grid.
    After that, just work with your lighting ratios till you get exactly what you want.

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