Long Live Lumix!

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  1. Thanks Barry. I like those shots with the GX7 -- there is a nice quality / feel to them, which I am guessing the ability to play with mixing and matching lenses helped you to achieve.
  2. Thought I'd upload some recent shots, including a seasonal one of a jack-o-lantern as a low-light example shooting with the Lumix S1. In the shot of the Waldorf Hilton, London, I wish I had waited for the woman by the telephone box to take a few more steps into the foreground. The timing was better on the shot in Broadway (the little one in the Cotswolds, not the big one in New York!), with the red Morgan in front of the lovely Cotswold stone buildings.

    _1001462 LR.JPG _1001489 LR.JPG
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  3. Like the subtle but strong colours ,eric.

    contradiction in terms but they work together.
  4. Thanks Allen -- I hadn't noticed that, and it does seem like a contradiction, but now that you say it, I see what you mean.
    I will have to try not to mess up a good thing, now, by trying too hard to re-create it as a deliberate style! :D

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