Long Legged Bird

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    I think this is a Little Blue Heron - Chestnut Hill Reservoir, Boston
  2. (this was supposed to be "nature" - not pentax)
  3. uncenter...
  4. John It looks more like a great blue heron.
  5. Any bird experts out there? I don't think it was a great blue mostly because it was only about 2 feet tall. (had to look it up in an Old Peterson Bird guide, so that shows what I know)
  6. Maybe it was an immature great blue - based on the yellow on the bill and the white on the head (see http://www.mbr- pwrc.usgs.gov/id/framlst/i1940id.html
  7. Dallas area bird
  8. John Having lived in SW Florida, 20 minutes from Ding Darling, for 9 years prior to moving to NM, I've seen my share of wading birds and I also have a wildlife degree. A little blue heron is very uniform slate blue in color, about 18 inches in height and does not have that massive of a bill as your subject. Yur subject looks a lot taller than 2 feet but definitely a great blue heron. It is also known as the blue phase of the great heron because the great white heron is biologically the same bird, different color. I may have a slide of a little blue but can't scan it until late tonight.
  9. Little Blue Heron
  10. Love that second little blue, Brian - looks like those birds can manage some binocular vision. And thanks for the expert analysis.
  11. Nice, Jeff.

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