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  1. Need help with the details of DFS using the K20. When will the feature kick in?Can the camera be moved while the DFS is under way.Can this feature be turned off?Is there any way around using this features?Does it only work in the bulb mode? I have heard that when using manual mode the feature is not activated.Yes,I could test it myself and will at a later date , but I would information/feed back from people that have used this feature in actual shooting situations.
  2. AFAIK it cannot be switched off. This is one of the major snags I have with my K20, since it renders the camera almost useless for astrophotography, when you typically want to take your own darks and subtract them later on.
  3. I didn't try it but the custom setting 'Slow Shutter Speed NR' might control Dark Frame Subtraction? The manual isn't super specific on how it works. I actually wouldn't be surprised if DFS is NOT applied with Bulb mode--this might be worth trying out.
  4. Can't be turned off. it's a flaw (in my opinion) not necessarily a design flaw or anything like that, but something that all cameras should have the option to do.I'm guessing there was a sensor issue with turning off the DFS.
    Both the K-7 and the K10D have the option to turn off DFS, which is in some instances necessary to get the shot you want.
    DFS is definitely applied in bulb mode. Not hard to verify, set to bulb, take exposure with lens cap on, for say 45 seconds...chances are, it will take approx 45 more before your camera comes back to life. That is DFS.

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