Long exposure on Sony a7R

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  1. I have been testing the a7R in combination with the Vello Wireless ShutterBoss Timer Remote. My goal was to assess the feasibility of the Vello Remote for delayed remote triggering, but also as in intervalometer for time lapse photography. Mostly stars, meteors.
    Observation: The Vello worked fine, but long exposures (23 seconds) on the a7R resulted in nearly 27 seconds of 'processing' before the camera was ready to shoot again. I am shooting RAW.
    Question: Have other people seen this very long processing time following long exposures? I would love to know what the camera is doing during that time and whether there is a way to substantially reduce the processing time.
  2. You've got "Long Exposure Noise Reduction" enabled. The camera processes your exposure - it takes as long (or almost as long) as your shot. Switch it off - if the a7R allows you to do that (I do not own one),
  3. Hi Juergen,
    Great suggestion! In fact it does have a long exposure noise reduction enabled and when you turn it off, there is NO processing time... perfect. Now I have to see how much difference it makes in image quality.
  4. Here is a 175% view of two pictures. The left one is without long exposure noise reduction enabled, the right one is with long exposure noise reduction. I don't see much difference, but the processing time overhead with Long Exposure Noise Reduction enabled is burdensome both in terms of time, but also battery life.
  5. Long exposure noise reduction will only help if you save as Jpeg. Since you are only working in Raw, it is just the setting (and the extra delay) that you get.
    Since this is a feature in the camera, noise reduction will run, and then the camera will throw away the information since it is not saving the Jpeg.
  6. You seem to have some quality diffraction going on...

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