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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by lim_henry, Nov 9, 2000.

  1. I am looking for a Digital Camera that can capture image range
    up to 2000 Meters. What kind of camera or lens i have to use ?


    Thank You.
  2. They'll all capture an image up to 2Km away, it'll just be a smaller image with some cameras than others. ;^)
    OK, that's the smartass answer out of the way. I think the Sony cameras have the longest focal length zooms of any of the digicams, but this is really the wrong forum, try asking on the imaging-resource site.
  3. If it's long focal length (ie large magnification) you need, Henry,
    then the best bet is likely to be one of the exchangeable lens SLRs
    from Canon, Fuji, Kodak or Nikon.
    Dr Owl
  4. For that far away, your best bet is a Canon or Kodak (based on Canon
    body) SLR so you can use the 1200 5.6 lens. If you want a closeup.
  5. If you want close ups from 2000 meters. Atmospheric conditions will
    affect your image more than your optics. If your prepared to sell
    your house, Nikon makes a 2000 f11 mirror lens and a 1200-1800 5.6-8
    zoom (there both custom order items, you pay upfront and then
    they deliver when it's finished).<p>
    It may be more practical to find an adapter for either a telescope or
    a fieldscope (you should be able to get one to work with a Nikon
    D1, not sure about other models). The optics won't be as good (and
    the lens will be "slower") but unless you have a "military" budget
    that may be your only reasonable choice.

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