Long ago and far away

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  1. Cub-Scout-group-shot.jpg
    late 1940s cub scout pack
  2. Long ago, but not so very far away...
  3. 4th of July 1970 me and my friends set up our band in a field in the St. Croix valley using generators to power the amps crop0001.jpg
  4. School photo - prefects. Me 4th from left , back row:)

  5. Senegal 1969
    Mujeres Negras Senega NiikonF-Nikkor-S35-Tri-X400.jpg Nikon F-Nikkor-S 35. Tri-X 400. No developer data
  6. father south pacific 1944.jpg
    My father, somewhere in the South Pacific, 1944.
  7. Bill Gower.jpg
    My grandfather, William O. Gower, Pearl Harbor, 1941
  8. Qingdao c.jpg On the beach in Qingdao China, circa 1928. My dad's family including my grandfather and great grandfather. He is second from the left
  9. IMG145.jpg

    Foot bridge over the Kabul river, Kabul Afghanistan 1976, Leica 3f 9cm Elmar
  10. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Administrator Staff Member

    Setting up the Senior Prom June 1962 Leica M3 TriX
    IMG_20160323_0084_1945IMG_20160323_0084 (984x634).jpg
  11. . . 1957-11 Three on Road. . Somewhere in Montana. Mom & my sister Ruth Ann. Taken by my soon-to-be wife, Judy.
    [​IMG]. . 1957-11 three on road by Reinhold S., on Flickr. . Neg# 1957-11, Kodak Hawkeye, Meniscus lens. 1957

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