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  1. I backed this camera on Kickstarter a few months ago and this week my camera arrived. It's the first camera to use Fuji Instax Square film that has a glass lens to deliver an image to the film (the Fujifilm offering actually uses an embedded digital camera to capture the image and then prints from the digital image).

    [​IMG]Lomo'Instant Square

    I like the square format of the picture, and the camera has a neat folding bellows style (reminding me of my old Ensign Selfix camera, the first one I ever used) with some discrete electronics and controls. An internal adaper allows Instax Mini film to be used to the same picture height in portrait format.

    Here are a couple of sample pictures

    [​IMG]Old High Street telephone box

    [​IMG]St Andrew's church tower

    (Scanned to 300dpi on an Epson XP-645 printer/scanner, output as TIFF, and sharpened in Lightroom to 50.)
  2. Very nice. But what makes this camera better than Fuji's Instax SQUARE SQ10?
  3. I haven't used the Fuji camera, but my understanding is that it uses a digital sensor to capture the image and then makes a print from that digital image (or an edit of it). This is fine, but I am interested in the idea of the camera itself making the picture in the classic way. Whether it's better or not, I don't know, but if I want a digital printer using the square format then I think the SP-3 device would do the job better, for me.

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