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  1. Ehhh. Tis been a while since I've been somewhere. This was shot in Chicago 2017 - 1st time there hopefully not last. Shot from Trump Hotel (breakfast was crap ;)) and you can just about see people having a drink across. I wonder if there'll ever be a next trip for me.
    Any shot you've taken still reminds you of freedom? Whatever this is - DSCF0216IT.jpg
  2. Being locked down gave me the freedom both to keep myself alive and healthy and to make sure I didn't provide a threat to others.


    I don't think of freedom as doing anything I want anytime I want to.
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  3. Speaking of which - Still rather be on the outside

  4. As it happened, taken November 1, 2020
    not ranging too far from base camp
  5. From the deck of our home one mid-pandemic evening. I have a significant collection of sunset shots from the past 12+months.

    2020 From BC - North Vancouver - Carisbrooke - Oct IMG_7815ss.jpg
  6. Almost exactly two years ago, Carrizo Plain. Planning on going back there tomorrow for the first time since - though the wildflowers will be nothing like they were two years ago.
  7. I (we) like to travel internationally, and certainly miss being able to do so. Here's a photo from a multi-week solo trip I took in 2013. A "friend" I'd only met online asked to come to his home in Hamburg. We loaded a couple of his vintage motorcycles onto his pick up truck and traveled up to Sweden to see some mutual friends, and stopped for 3-4 days after the visit near Gothenburg at a massive "Old Style" vintage car/bike meet, where thousands of people drove their old cars & bikes in to camp out for several days. On the Sunday everyone drove over across town (Uddevalla) for an exhibition hillclimb. There was quite lot of hubbub over this car, powered by a massive Rolls Royce airplane engine. Sadly the car never did run- it sputtered quite a lot and coughed up a massive smoke cloud! But couldn't get going enough to make it up the hill. It LOOKED cool as heck, tho! ha ha.!





    After we left Uddevalla we continued north, going up into southern Norway for another vintage motorcycle rally near the town of Valldal.

    If I recall correctly that trip took us roughly 3 & 1/2 weeks. Although I've traveled about the U.S. quite a lot this year so far, helping my brother out, I really do miss being able to travel outside the home country.
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  8. The distinction between freedom to and freedom from - eh, Fred?
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  9. I miss my semi-regular trips to NYC. But being subject like all of us to COVID restrictions, I have been able to concentrate more on landscape and nature photography and, more often, on abstracts.

    Shot of the Freedom Tower below

    Freedom Tower.jpg

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