Load Custom White Balance to D200

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by robert_martin|5, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. If you determine the correct white balance for a D200 RAW file using Photoshop
    CS2, is it possible to load this value to the camera for use on other shots?
  2. No. According to Julieanne Kost, Adobe purposefully won't let its programs mess around with
    a camera manufacturer's raw code.
  3. As mentioned, I think the only way to load white balance settings back into the D200 in camera JPEG conversion is via proprietry Nikon software.

    I find it much easier to shoot a standard grey card in raw, and then shoot away normally. Then with adobe camera raw, you can play with your sliders until the grey card reads 128 for all three (RGB) channels and apply these setting to the subsequent shots.
  4. In ACR you can create a custom white balance processing template that you can apply to
    selected images. "template". You create the custom white balance by first choosing an
    image and setting the white blance that you are going to use as your reference, and
    making sure all of the other settings in ACR are the way you wantthem including color
    space , bit depth and resolution, and then clicking on the triangle button to the right of
    the Settings
    menu and then use the "Save Settings" option and giving this set of processing instruction
    template a job, camera, or lighting set up situation a specific name.

    Tieing Bridge to the process, you could select all of the images in a folder --or just the
    ones you want to process using that template-- and in Bridge, go Edit > Apply Camera
    Settings and choosing
    the processing instructions of your choice. Bridge will then apply the processing
    instructions to the selected images without opening the Adobe Camera Raw dialog.
    Automating this process really speeds things up.

    It also really helps to have Adobe Camera Raw hosted by Bridge. To set this up, Click on
    Bridge in the menu bar and go Preferences > Advanced , and check the box next to
    "Double-click edits Camera Raw settings in Bridge". While you have that particular
    Preferences menu window open, also check the "Use Distributed Cache Files When
    Possible" option.

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