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  1. I have a Lloyds bulk loader that I want to use. It has a red lid/cover and when I was inspecting it, I held up the red cover and noticed that I could see light through it. I have never used it before and it was used when I aquired it. I did notice that the center section that covers the hole where the bulk film goes is thicker but it is still red. My question is this, is there a separate piece that covers the center section that I am missing or is good to go as is? I would really hate to load 100' of Plus-X and have it be ruined. To me wasting film is like Pepsi abuse (letting it get warm), damn near a hangin offense!
    Any answers are greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi Clay, A couple of things: 1) I have not used the Lloyds loader, but with Alden and Watson type, there is a rotating gate. You rotate the shell to either close or open the gate. Usually they're designed to keep the top closed when the gate is open, so you don't accidentally open it. 2) If you are unsure of the tank, then I would clip off some film from the bulk roll and put it in the loader in room light for awhile, then develop it to see if it is light tight.
    Also, a quick Google search yielded this tutorial, using a Lloyd loader: http://www.instructables.com/id/SMPVZO7FLROLZ2M/
  3. I have a couple of these. No, it absolutely doesn't leak any light through the cover. Occsaionally, if you load your cassettes in very bright light, some light will leak through the felt light trap where the film exits the dark chamber. The result is usually no more than a little edge fog on the first one or two frames. Avoid the problem completely by loading cassettes in subdued room light.
  4. there is a HUB on a bulk roll of film
    and the hole in the top with the screw ( bolt) sticking out SEES that hub
    the light could possibly get in around the thicker part of the hub on the cover
    BUT it will be shining on that black hub
    if you are really concerned paint it black
    A metal spool will fit and work inside a LLoyds loader
    when I was given 400 feet of film I had to rewind it on those spools.
  5. Not even then Walter. I got some bulk film without a center core. Put it into a Lloyd's bulk loader and it's fine. These things do not leak light if they are in good condition.
  6. I had a Lloyds. It came with a box of stuff I bought on E-bay. I scratched a 100' roll of film. The felt was dirty and I did not know. I didn't know to check. I junked it. I like the watson type.

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